Drive Confidently: Tips for a Safe and Successful Gig Experience


Driver safety is an essential concern, for both seasoned gig workers and those new on their journey. Yet, maintaining a dedicated commitment to safety isn’t always straightforward. Knowing how to keep yourself safe is essential and we have curated a comprehensive set of safety tips, aiming to empower drivers with the knowledge and practices needed for a secure and confident driving experience.

It’s a short read that will not just prepare you to earn more—it could save your life. Here’s what we’ll cover:

Dash Cams: The foundation of safety

There are many gadgets drivers can use to protect themselves. The most important one for all drivers to have is a dash cam.

Our favorite at Gridwise is the Bosch RideCare Companion. It is the foundation of safety because it keeps drivers covered against dangerous situations, disputes with other drivers, or unruly passengers. Here are some key features that make the Bosch RideCare Companion, our go-to gadget:

  • Wireless SOS button. A button that can be installed discreetly near you to press any time you feel unsafe.
  • 24/7 Live Support. Bosch safety agents stay on the watch at all times to make sure they are there when you need them.
  • Documentation and proof you can depend on. Upload your video footage to the cloud where it is totally secured for when you need it.
  • Dual facing cameras. Collect footage from both inside and outside of your vehicle to make sure any situation is documented.

Vehicle maintenance

Next for your protection, is taking good care of your vehicle. Driving for a living means you depend more on your car, and that it might need more frequent checks and maintenance measures. Never ignore your vehicle’s need for care, including:

  • Regular checkups. Your vehicle has a maintenance schedule for good reasons. If you don’t want things to break down, keep up with oil changes, belt and hose checks, and fluid replenishment in accordance with your vehicle’s driver manual.
  • Tire safety. There’s no such thing as a good time to get a flat tire.To minimize the likelihood of hearing that horrid hissing sound, keep checking your tire pressure, and approach uneven roads at low speed. Tires have a key role to play in your vehicle’s ability to maintain traction and control, so always check your tread depth, and keep money in your budget to replace tires that have worn down too far.
  • Brake performance. Dependable brakes can be even more important than a smooth-running engine. You need to stop swiftly to stay out of accidents and avoid road hazards. Check your brakes regularly, and learn the signs of failing brakes you might need to look and listen for. 

Safe driving practices

As a professional, driving competently isn’t always enough. Being on the road more than the average person means you have to use safe and defensive driving techniques to stay out of trouble. Here are some suggestions.

  • Drive defensively. Driving frequently means you see a lot of accidents happen, no doubt, and defensive driving techniques can help you make sure you are not involved in the next one. Stay alert and focused, and never let your emotions dictate the way that you operate your vehicle.
  • Drive Distraction-free. Distracted driving is a huge problem, for you as well as the other drivers on the road. It’s difficult to never touch your phone when you’re using a rideshare or delivery app. Still, there are measures you can take to be safe. Keep your phone securely mounted, restrict your interactions to those that involve your gig, and pull over when you need more than a tap or a swipe to accomplish gig-related tasks.
  • Keep to speed limits. While you might believe that moving fast is a way to earn more money, the mistakes you can make with excessive speed are very costly. Moving too fast makes accidents more likely, puts more wear and tear on your vehicle, and can get you in trouble with the law. When that happens, you’ll see big fines, increased insurance costs, and possibly even get your license to drive suspended or revoked. Passengers will ding your driver rating over your “lead foot,” too. Let’s face it: safe driving pays.

Road-savvy awareness

It’s not always you causing the problems you encounter on the road. Here are some ideas for avoiding the impact other people and outside conditions might have on your driving.

  • Handle aggressive drivers with care. When someone pulls out in front of you, or irritates you with a blaring horn when you’re in a difficult situation, what do you do? If you want to keep your gig, have your car free from damage, and stay out of trouble, there’s only one way to respond. Just don’t react. You’re driving to make your money, and it’s not a competition for who gets to the next red light first. Don’t let other people’s bad behavior cause you unnecessary stress or put you in danger.
  • Be a weather watcher. You can’t always have clear, moderate, and sunny conditions on the road. Be prepared for everything. Carry extra windshield wiper fluid, a shovel, a snow brush, plus extra water and snacks so you’re ready to guard against freezing and overheating. Read these tips for winter driving, so you’ll know what to do should you lose traction or get stuck.
  • Adjust for night driving. Driving in the dark has its own set of issues. No one sees as well at night as they do in the day, even if they believe they do. One good rule of thumb is to slow down so you’re sure you can stop before you hit anything you are able to see. Additionally make sure to adjust your bright lights, and make sure your eyes are healthy enough to drive in reduced light conditions.

Emergency readiness

Lets face it, you’ll be with people, either in or around your vehicle, most of the time you’re working. Things happen to them, and could also happen to you. Here are some tips for making emergencies a little simpler to handle.

  • First Aid equipment. A First Aid kit could save the day. Keep in mind that Good Samaritan Laws protect you from getting in trouble for offering help in most cases.
  • Emergency contacts. Who do you call for help? Obviously, for accidents with injuries and criminal activity, 911 is your answer. You can also use the Bosch RideCare Companion live agents to get extra help in situations that require prompt guidance. It’s always a good idea to bolster your ability to handle emergencies with direct numbers for local authorities, your insurance company, and roadside assistance.

Community support and resources

Driver support communities are everywhere! They let drivers share and compare their experiences, learn new tips and tricks, and gain insight about how to be better at their jobs. Here are some ways to stay in the loop.

  • Join the Gridwise Facebook group, Reddit communities, and check out the many Discord servers, TikTok feeds, and YouTube channels that bring drivers together. Or…create your own!
  • Keep in touch with news about the gig industry and share your thoughts with the drivers you meet at airport cell lots and gas station snack stops. You’ll be amazed at how many ideas they’ll have to offer.

And now, you’ll have safe driving tips to swap, too!


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