How To Be A Delivery Driver: A Gridwise Driver Guide


If delivery driving is your gig, no one has to tell you there’s a lot more to it than “pick it up and drop it off.” This guide breaks down all the info you need to succeed, from what makes a delivery company worth driving for to which ones pay more or offer the most desirable working conditions, benefits, and company culture. You’ll learn about driving strategy and how to multi-app, as well as get practical information about taking care of your delivery driving business, from finding insurance to cutting down costs so your profits can soar. Here’s a quick look at the topics we’ll cover:

Are you ready to taste all the ways you can make the most out of your delivery driving gig? Go on, dig in! This guide is more sumptuous than the fabulous fare you carry out to your customers. Let’s start by looking at what the world of delivery driving has to offer.

Best delivery apps for drivers

It’s trite to say “there are so many delivery apps to choose from,” but it turns out to be true. Lucky for drivers, this also means there’s one for everybody’s lifestyle, preference, and income needs. Keep reading and you’ll see for yourself.

  • Want to see an overall breakdown of delivery services, including what makes a delivery app worth driving for and how the different companies measure up? Check out this blog post and you’ll be fully informed.

Delivery driver strategies for success

Delivery driver basics

Track your miles, earnings, and expenses. This will be critical during tax season. You could lose $100s by not tracking everything!

Pro tip #1: Log everything in the Gridwise app – it’s free! You can export everything into a handy CSV or PDF when tax season arrives.

Have a driving strategy

Do you drive full time? Part time? What delivery services do you want to work for? What areas tend to bring in more money? What times of day? Ask yourself these questions and have a plan. You don’t have to guess at the answers, either. You can find out the most profitable times and places to drive with just a little research.

Pro tip #2: Use Gridwise’s “When to Drive” and “Where to Drive” features to inform your driving strategy. Waste less time waiting for orders in slow areas during non peak hours.

Nail the details

Sometimes, even when we think everything is covered and we’re ready to roll, there are issues that can make the delivery driving gig more profitable—and fun! From little things you can do to make life easier to multiplying your success with multi-apping, there’s always more you can think about—and do.

You might be an old hand at delivery, or a total novice. Either way, you’ll benefit from checking out the nuggets of wisdom tucked into this guide to working as a new or experienced delivery driver.

The art of multi-apping lets you work more than one service at a time, without breaking the rules! Want to learn more? Find out all you need to multi-app like a pro.

Yes, you have flexible hours and a respectable hourly earnings rate. But no delivery service is going to give you paid vacation. That’s why you need to read this post that tells you how to save up your gig driver earnings to go on vacations, without worrying about missing your income.

Have you had your last hot date in your personal car that now smells like stale onion rings and guacamole? It could be time to look at an alternative vehicle to use for delivery. Read this post to see if renting a vehicle for your gig is good for you.

Delivery driver earnings

Even if the work drivers are expected to do inspires you to believe you’ve discovered the gig of your dreams, the facts about earnings could make your heart beat faster or bring that honeymoon to a soul-crushing end. “Know before you go” is always a good mantra to live by, so here’s some info that covers the financial feedback you can expect from different delivery gigs.

Delivery driver tips and tricks

Even if the app that fits your lifestyle isn’t the one that pays the most to drivers, there are measures you can take to increase your income. There are bonuses, perks, and tipping, of course, but what about the other side of the equation? Discover how cutting down your overhead can keep you riding high, earnings-wise, and you’ll make the most of every minute you spend on the road.

Insurance for gig drivers

Do you have insurance on your mind? Maybe you looked at your recent premiums or got a bill you wish you could cover with a policy. Once you get past your shock, look into ways to buy the coverage you need at prices you can afford. There are good reasons to think about insurance. You really can’t afford to be without it!

Delivery driver income: saving some for later

Car care advice for delivery drivers

Whether your vehicle is a smallish 4-door, a big pickup, or a utility van, it needs one thing more than ever when you use it for your gig: tender loving care. Delivery drivers’ cars, trucks, and all things that roll take a huge beating. Here’s some advice on how to maintain the wheels you own, plus ways to rent or buy a new set when the time comes.

Did we miss anything? Let us know your delivery strategy in the comments!


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