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What we learned giving 12 dozen donuts to Chicago rideshare drivers

We’re big fans of donuts here at Gridwise, and we heard that a few rideshare drivers in Chicago are as well. So we packed a few bags, grabbed a few donuts and about 60 cups of coffee and headed to Chicago’s O’hare and Midway airports to give away free donuts to rideshare drivers, and talk […]

The 5 Best Neighborhoods to drive in Chicago

Chicago is a city full of rider demand. People are always out and about and heading somewhere, which is great for rideshare drivers. Unfortunately for rideshare drivers though, Chicago also has an extremely high supply of drivers, which means even with so much rider demand, it can still be difficult at times to find passengers. […]

4 Ways Chicago Rideshare drivers are earning more

Chicago rideshare drivers are crafty… That’s because they have to be. On a recent trip to Chicago, we found out just how crafty Chicago Rideshare drivers NEED to be. The Chicago rideshare market is booming but also saturated with drivers. So the most profitable drivers are acting strategically, planning their routes, and optimizing their driving […]

The Ultimate Airport Guide for Rideshare Drivers: Chicago

We’ve been talking to a lot of Chicago area rideshare drivers lately about their experiences and we’re constantly hearing about the airports. Some drivers can’t wait to tell us how much of a waste of time the airports are, however, for some drivers O’Hare is their bread and butter. Why the disconnect? It comes down […]