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What Does Uber’s Q1 Earnings Report Mean for Rideshare Drivers?

Last week, we published a blog post that outlined how Uber and Lyft’s latest IPO will affect rideshare drivers going forward. Well early last month, Uber announced its first financial results as a public company for its first quarter (ending March 31, 2019). We know we’re a bit late on this one, but we wanted […]

Should Uber Drivers Consider Working for Caviar?

By nature, rideshare drivers are entrepreneurs and hustlers. This mean we’re resourceful, we know how to get things done, we take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way, and we’re always on top of the next big opportunity. But after talking to a few rideshare driving buddies of mine last week, I realized that […]

Uber and Lyft Are Public… But what does that mean for drivers?

Remember the good ole days of taxis? If you were a driver during those days you didn’t have to worry about apps, auxiliary cords, or multibillion dollar companies decreasing your pay. You just kept your eyes peeled for patrons with their hands extended, and raked in the cash. But those days are gone. Now, we […]

4 Event Driving Strategies Rideshare Drivers are using to Maximize Earnings

Nothing drives a crowd, and passenger demand, like a big event. “Football games, concerts, festivals, they all drive a crowd,” said Josh, a Chicago based rideshare driver “And with that crowd comes big-time earnings opportunities for us drivers.” Josh is a Gridwiser based in Chicago that fancies himself as the event driving guru. He’s always […]

Is Maven Gig Good for Rideshare Drivers? (yep)

Do you want to drive for Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare service but don’t have a car? Well, you’re not alone. Thousands of would-be rideshare drivers are not able to get on the road and earn money because they don’t have a vehicle that they are willing and able to use. Well, the team over […]

What I learned at the rideshare driver protests in LA

Last Monday and Tuesday, rideshare drivers in L.A. came together for what may have been the largest gathering of rideshare drivers in history, as more than 200 drivers descended upon Uber’s LA Greenlight Hub in an effort to change how they were treated as drivers by the big rideshare companies. And when an event that’s […]

How much do rideshare drivers make in 2019?

Are you thinking about becoming a Uber driver or a Lyft driver? Or do you want to know how your earnings stack up against your peers? Well look no further than this definitive guide to rideshare driver income. In this guide we’ll cover: How much rideshare drivers make before taxes The average expenses of a […]

How This Driver Uses a Free Tablet to Make $150 + in Tips Every Month

Last week I had the chance to chat with Terry, a rideshare driver that is based out of Harrisburg Pennsylvania, but regularly drives in Philadelphia and New Jersey. “I frequently drive up to New York City, so when I’m on my way up I’ll turn the app on and pick up a few riders and […]