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What does Lyft’s IPO Mean for Rideshare Drivers?

Alright, rideshare drivers! This is it! Lyft has finally officially filed to go public as of Friday, March 1, 2019. There are a lot of news out that are focusing on what this IPO means for Wall Street and investors, but what about rideshare drivers? We want to make sure that every rideshare driver is […]

How much do rideshare drivers make in 2019?

Are you thinking about becoming a Uber driver or a Lyft driver? Or do you want to know how your earnings stack up against your peers? Well look no further than this definitive guide to rideshare driver income. In this guide we’ll cover: How much rideshare drivers make before taxes The average expenses of a […]

How This Driver Uses a Free Tablet to Make $150 + in Tips Every Month

Last week I had the chance to chat with Terry, a rideshare driver that is based out of Harrisburg Pennsylvania, but regularly drives in Philadelphia and New Jersey. “I frequently drive up to New York City, so when I’m on my way up I’ll turn the app on and pick up a few riders and […]

How one Pittsburgh Rideshare Driver is Leveraging Airports to Double His Hourly Earnings

$9.00 per hour. That’s roughly what Jeff Upton made the first time he tried waiting at Pittsburgh International Airport to score a big rideshare fare. He assumed that passengers leaving the airport were more likely to require longer rides home, which meant big payouts for him. His thought process wasn’t entirely wrong. He did land […]

4 Highly Effective Strategies This Uber Driver is Using to Maximize Airport Earnings

Do you remember what a great year 2014 was?…… Back in those days, we could we still watch a Seahawks game without someone saying “They still should have ran the ball” I still can’t believe they didn’t run the ball though And rideshare companies had yet to slash their rates (again), and decide to take […]

The State of Rideshare in 2019: How Much are Drivers Really Making

There’s no question that 2018 was a year to remember for rideshare drivers. But when we think about 2018, should we remember it as a year where drivers earned more than ever, or the year when drivers said goodbye to surge as we know it? Should we think about the effort that Dara Khosrowshahi made […]

How Rideshare Drivers Can Earn More By Playing Music

This is How Rideshare Drivers Are Getting Paid to Play Music I love being a rideshare driver, I love new music, and I also love getting paid. These are three passions of mine that I think a lot of you can relate to. So when I heard about a new company called Steereo that has […]

3 Strategies Rideshare Drivers Are Using to Earn more with Cargo

Man does time fly when you’re in the rideshare business. Just a few years ago it wasn’t at all uncommon to see rideshare drivers with their cars filled with gum, water, chips and other treats in an attempt to please customers and win 5-star ratings. The problem with this was that rideshare drivers weren’t getting […]

How Rideshare Drivers are Getting Rideshare Insurance for just a few cents per mile

If you think Uber and Lyft’s insurance is going to cover you if you get in an accident, think again. That’s because rideshare companies only provide limited coverage during certain “periods” of driving. You see, rideshare companies think about rideshare coverage as different periods as stated below: Period 1 – Online & WITHOUT a ride […]

Rideshare Earnings Report: This is how much drivers made during Halloween in 2018

A few weeks back we wrote an article that covered the rideshare driving strategy of successful drivers during Halloween and we promised we would revisit that article to understand how much drivers made during Halloween in 2018. Today we’re making good on that promise with our Halloween 2018 Rideshare earnings report which will give you insight […]