3 Strategies Rideshare Drivers Are Using to Earn more with Cargo

Man does time fly when you’re in the rideshare business.

Just a few years ago it wasn’t at all uncommon to see rideshare drivers with their cars filled with gum, water, chips and other treats in an attempt to please customers and win 5-star ratings.

The problem with this was that rideshare drivers weren’t getting paid for our kindness with anything but a 5-star rating and the occasional tip. That’s a lot of effort, and cash from our own pockets, for not much benefit.

Lucky for us rideshare drivers, we never need to pay our own money to stock are cars with treats for passengers again because of Cargo, a FREE in-car vending machine where rideshare passengers can buy all types of goodies and necessities while enjoying their rides.

Drivers can simply sign up, fill out an application, and in a few weeks, you’ll receive your Cargo vending machine and a bunch of goodies to stock it with.

Drivers can then place the Cargo box in their vehicle while driving and start making money with every order.

The actual box looks just like this:

Rideshare drivers that use cargo make money primarily by giving away free samples and selling the paid products in your box, and it’s actually a breeze to sell all of your products if you’re using the following strategies:

  1. Let passengers know about your free samples
  2. Upsell to paid products
  3. Ensure passengers know how easy purchasing is

Let passengers know about your free samples

Every Cargo box includes free samples that rideshare passengers can order that drivers will get paid from. Yep, as a rideshare driver, you will get paid to give away a free snack.

Take advantage of this easy way to earn extra cash by ensuring that you let every passenger know about your free samples that you have in your box.

How? Simply say “Hey, just wanted to let you know that I have some free {{product}} that you can grab from my Cargo box if you’re hungry.” after welcoming them into your car.

Not only will you make money from Cargo, but you’ll start off the ride on a positive note and get your passenger talking, which will help you earn more tips.

Upsell to Paid Products

Rideshare drivers also get paid for purchases that passengers make from your box. So after you’ve given your passenger a free snack, start to think about what you have for sell in your box that your passenger might want.

Is your passenger a health-conscious mom? Let them know about the healthy snacks you have available.

Maybe you have a few friends going out for the night in the car? Tell them about the 5-hour energy boosters that you have available.

Have an iPhone user on the way to the airport? Point out the iPhone charger that you have available just in case they forgot theirs at home.

Even if your passengers order a free sample they still might not scroll through your menu, so let them know about the products that you have available so they can consider making a purchase.

Make sure they know it’s easy.

One of the biggest reasons people will avoid making a purchase is that they feel like the process will be tedious.

However, Cargo is cashless and requires no app or signup, so all your passenger has to do is input their credit card and go.

So once you get your passengers considering a purchase and looking through the menu, simply say “Oh by the way ordering is pretty simple, you just go to cargo.menu on your phone, enter my box number, pick your item, and drop in your CC details. Takes 30 seconds.”

That one line will ensure that passengers know it’s incredibly easy to use Cargo, and get them buying more.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be Pushy!

Remember, not everyone is going to want to make a purchase or even grab a free sample, so no need to be pushy. You’ll pick up dozens of passengers in a given week or even a day, so play the numbers game, be polite, and you’ll empty your box in no time.

What’s your strategy?

Any Cargoers out there? What’s your go-to strategy for getting passengers making purchases from your box? We’d love to hear about them down below!

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