How Rideshare Drivers Can Earn More By Playing Music

This is How Rideshare Drivers Are Getting Paid to Play Music

I love being a rideshare driver, I love new music, and I also love getting paid.

These are three passions of mine that I think a lot of you can relate to. So when I heard about a new company called Steereo that has somehow combined my three loves into one service I had to share it with the Gridwise community.

Meet Steereo, the rideshare app that is literally paying drivers to play new music for there riders.

How does Steereo Work

The idea for Steereo is simple.

New artists need to get their music heard by as many people as possible, and rideshare drivers have dozens of passengers in a given week or even a day that are listening to music in their cars.

Steereo simply provides an app that rideshare drivers can use to play music from these up and coming artists while compensating them for playing the music. As a driver, all you have to do is signup and download the app, choose a playlist that you want to play, and the app will track when you’re playing music for riders.

How are drivers making money?

With Steereo, drivers make money based on the amount of music you play for riders. So the more that you drive and the more that you play music from Steereo for riders, the more you get paid.

Most drivers make around $120 extra per month… For doing exactly what you would be doing anyway!

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But wait… How does Steereo make money

Steereo is a free app for rideshare drivers, but they charge music creators a monthly fee to be included on the playlist that you’re playing for riders.

So the artists are footing the bill to pay drivers like you!

What’s the best way to be successful with Steereo?

The best thing about Steereo is that it’s a no-brainer for drivers in markets where Steereo is active. You don’t need to build a strategy around Steereo, nothing to plan. Just pick up passengers, click play, and drive.

So if you want to make a extra $120 per month for almost no extra effort, sign up for Steereo and start playing music today!

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Check out the reviews for the app on google play. ouch.