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[Update!] Peak Rideshare Driving Times in DC

I found out the hard way that the time of day that you’re driving for rideshare services like Uber and Lyft can be the difference between making $30 per hour, and heading home having made $40 from a 5-hour shift. I want to make sure that none of my fellow DC rideshare drivers go through […]

Where Should a Full-Time Rideshare Driver Live in DC?

Realistically, the answer to this question is “anywhere in DC.” You are mobile as a rideshare driver; you can be anywhere you need to be given enough time. There are neighborhoods and locales, however, that might be more beneficial to live in depending on your needs. Every rideshare driver is different, with their own unique […]

Gridwise is Now Available in DC

Navigating through Washington DC as a rideshare driver is now easier than it has ever been. Following the successful launch campaign and integration into Pittsburgh, Gridwise is now available for users in the DC market. With further growth on the horizon, the team at Gridwise hopes to eliminate driver inefficiency in the nation’s capital. About Gridwise Gridwise […]

General Rules and Regulations for Rideshare Drivers in DC

Cities across the country have been using the same taxi system for years; it’s the same system with the same rules and the same everything since 1985. The regulations and rules – those that govern income, availability, and accessibility of taxis cabs – have remained largely insulated and untouched. Saying that this system was archaic […]

Rideshare Driver Rental Options in Washington DC

Why should I try a rideshare rental program? If you’ve ever been a vehicle owner, you have no doubt experienced the financial responsibility of maintaining the car. In Washington DC, it costs an average person $392/year for repairs/maintenance, $1273/year for car insurance, and $618/year for gas. That’s a total of $2283 every year going toward […]