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[Update 2018!] Rider Interaction Strategies for When You’re Stuck in Traffic

For many drivers, the absolute best part of the job is interacting with passengers. Yes, we are in this to get paid. No, there is absolutely zero chance we would be doing this if we didn’t see the direct deposit hitting our bank accounts. However, on a day to day basis, getting to know new […]

How this Rideshare driver is using YouTube to make driving for Uber Fun

We get it. Driving can be a grind, and it’s not always going to be a good time. Sometimes you’ll get a grouchy passenger, or a nightmare pool, or a bad review. And while these days are always going to happen, there are some things you can do to make driving more enjoyable, despite the […]

[Update!] 6 Rideshare Driver Strategies & How They Can (or cannot) Work For You

Everyone’s first experience as a rideshare driver goes a little bit like this… You clean and prepare your car with water bottles, gum, and other random candies for your passengers and proceed to setup your heads up display with your phone. No need for Waze, the Uber Navigation system will be great. After you finish […]

Where Should a Full-Time Rideshare Driver Live in DC?

Realistically, the answer to this question is “anywhere in DC.” You are mobile as a rideshare driver; you can be anywhere you need to be given enough time. There are neighborhoods and locales, however, that might be more beneficial to live in depending on your needs. Every rideshare driver is different, with their own unique […]

Through the Lens of Pittsburgh Rideshare Drivers – Jeff Altman

Background Name: Jeff Altman Driving for: 6 months TNC Services: Uber (X and XL) and Lyft Driving Commitment: Full-time (40-50 hrs/week) Important Metrics: “I base my driving mainly off of earnings. In order to pay the bills, I usually have to put in at least 40 hours.” Don’t drive for Uber yet? By signing up […]

How To Be a More Profitable Rideshare Driver

Let’s face it: as much as you may be interested in working as a professional driver, you’re also doing it for the money. Whether you’re a casual rideshare driver or consider it your full-time career, you’re working for an income. Not all driving hours are created equal. Whatever the actual number of hours you put […]

How to Incorporate Gridwise’s Airport Demand Feature into your Driving Strategy

Why even accept the ride? If rides to and from airports are long, time-consuming and sometimes require you to sit in annoying traffic, then why do drivers even bother taking them? Well, for one, the rides you accept will be relatively pricey. Each drive you make is pricier than the average fare. With Uber and […]

Rideshare Driver Rental Options in Washington DC

Why should I try a rideshare rental program? If you’ve ever been a vehicle owner, you have no doubt experienced the financial responsibility of maintaining the car. In Washington DC, it costs an average person $392/year for repairs/maintenance, $1273/year for car insurance, and $618/year for gas. That’s a total of $2283 every year going toward […]

Through the Lens of a Pittsburgh Rideshare Driver- Bill Scott

Background Name: Bill Scott Driving for: 5 months TNC Services: Uber X and Uber Premium Driving Commitment: Full-time Important Metrics: “I usually go by a per hour basis. I do it full time, so I actually treat it like a business. I make sure I’m making at least $25+/hr.” Don’t drive for Uber yet? By […]