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The Ultimate Airport Guide: Pittsburgh

I have the same conversation with rideshare drivers waiting at Pittsburgh International all the time. Driver: “Man there are no pings coming in AT ALL… It’s going to take more than an hour to get a ride” Me: “How many passengers are coming in?” Driver: “I’m not sure but it’s 7:00 so there should be […]

Through the Lens of Pittsburgh Rideshare Drivers – Jeff Altman

Background Name: Jeff Altman Driving for: 6 months TNC Services: Uber (X and XL) and Lyft Driving Commitment: Full-time (40-50 hrs/week) Important Metrics: “I base my driving mainly off of earnings. In order to pay the bills, I usually have to put in at least 40 hours.” Don’t drive for Uber yet? By signing up […]

3 Tips for Maneuvering Through Pittsburgh Roads

The city of Pittsburgh isn’t known for its perfect infrastructure. That’s because the problems with the city’s roads, power grids, and structures border on terrifying. Many of the systems and roads in place are extremely old, dating as far back as the early 20th century. This city of bridges, with 446 total within city limits, […]

How to Incorporate Gridwise’s Airport Demand Feature into your Driving Strategy

Why even accept the ride? If rides to and from airports are long, time-consuming and sometimes require you to sit in annoying traffic, then why do drivers even bother taking them? Well, for one, the rides you accept will be relatively pricey. Each drive you make is pricier than the average fare. With Uber and […]

Pittsburgh Sports Stadiums and Arenas

Heinz Field & PNC Park If you’re a rideshare driver in Pittsburgh looking to capitalize on surge pricing, then you’re looking for the pickup/dropoff spots that will maximize your regular income. A few spots that should come to mind right away are the big sports arenas, such as Heinz Field during football season and PNC […]

Through the Lens of a Pittsburgh Rideshare Driver- Bill Scott

Background Name: Bill Scott Driving for: 5 months TNC Services: Uber X and Uber Premium Driving Commitment: Full-time Important Metrics: “I usually go by a per hour basis. I do it full time, so I actually treat it like a business. I make sure I’m making at least $25+/hr.” Don’t drive for Uber yet? By […]