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[Update 2018!] Rider Interaction Strategies for When You’re Stuck in Traffic

For many drivers, the absolute best part of the job is interacting with passengers. Yes, we are in this to get paid. No, there is absolutely zero chance we would be doing this if we didn’t see the direct deposit hitting our bank accounts. However, on a day to day basis, getting to know new […]

[Update!] Identifying Hotspots: Knowing When and Where to Drive

Any drivers out there remember driving circa 2012? Also known as the glory days of rideshare? I, unfortunately, wasn’t driving back then, but I routinely hear veteran drivers talk fondly about how they could turn their app on from their kitchen and get ride requests in seconds. Not just regular requests. We’re talking surges. Well, […]

How rideshare drivers can start conversations that lead to tips and 5-star ratings

Let’s not fool ourselves here… As a rideshare driver, you’re not expecting to make much money from tips. Sure, tips are a perk that pads your wallet (and maybe your ego), but they’re not a guarantee. But still – wouldn’t it be nice to get more of them? The trick to more tips – and […]

How this driver went from earning $0 to $1000 per week driving for Uber in 4 months

Mike is family man. So when his daughter started having anxiety as she transitioned into Middle School, he needed to be around more. And that meant his job in retail wasn’t working anymore. “I would get a lot of flak from my bosses if something was going down and I had to be there,” he […]

25 Tips for Uber drivers from fellow rideshare drivers

If you’re in the rideshare business, you know it’s a tough game. We have to deal with road conditions, bad passengers, traffic, surges that aren’t really surges, and we even have to deal with the TNC’s themselves. That’s a lot to master, so we enlisted some help from our favorite rideshare groups around the internet […]

This is How Rideshare Drivers are Taking Advantage of Football Season

Are you ready for some football!?! The start of football season is an exciting time. Diehard football fans finally will have something to do on Sunday’s again, casual fans will welcome the return of gameday parties, and everyone else gets to play fantasy football! For rideshare drivers, football season means saying hello to some of […]

[Update!] 6 Rideshare Driver Strategies & How They Can (or cannot) Work For You

Everyone’s first experience as a rideshare driver goes a little bit like this… You clean and prepare your car with water bottles, gum, and other random candies for your passengers and proceed to setup your heads up display with your phone. No need for Waze, the Uber Navigation system will be great. After you finish […]

[Update!] Peak Rideshare Driving Times in DC

I found out the hard way that the time of day that you’re driving for rideshare services like Uber and Lyft can be the difference between making $30 per hour, and heading home having made $40 from a 5-hour shift. I want to make sure that none of my fellow DC rideshare drivers go through […]

Top 6 Rideshare Services that Drivers are Using (and Why)

The marketplace for rideshare services is fragmented. As a potential rideshare driver in 2009, your options were relatively limited because they mostly didn’t yet exist. The more normalized the app-based ride sharing trend became, the more transportation network companies (TNCs) began to appear in the tech sector. There are, of course, key players that have […]

Where Should a Full-Time Rideshare Driver Live in DC?

Realistically, the answer to this question is “anywhere in DC.” You are mobile as a rideshare driver; you can be anywhere you need to be given enough time. There are neighborhoods and locales, however, that might be more beneficial to live in depending on your needs. Every rideshare driver is different, with their own unique […]