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Top 6 Rideshare Services that Drivers are Using (and Why)

The marketplace for rideshare services is fragmented. As a potential rideshare driver in 2009, your options were relatively limited because they mostly didn’t yet exist. The more normalized the app-based ride sharing trend became, the more transportation network companies (TNCs) began to appear in the tech sector. There are, of course, key players that have […]

Through the Lens of Pittsburgh Rideshare Drivers – Jeff Altman

Background Name: Jeff Altman Driving for: 6 months TNC Services: Uber (X and XL) and Lyft Driving Commitment: Full-time (40-50 hrs/week) Important Metrics: “I base my driving mainly off of earnings. In order to pay the bills, I usually have to put in at least 40 hours.” Don’t drive for Uber yet? By signing up […]