Our mission

Where would we be without gig workers? With the tap of a finger, they get college kids home safe, bring warm meals to our homes, deliver essentials to the elderly, and get us to the airport on time.

There are many reasons why people become gig workers. For some it’s a full time job. For others it’s to help pay down a student loan or medical bill, or perhaps fund a short vacation. But whatever the reason, gig workers play a big role in our lives.

A food delivery courier knocking on a customer's door, holding their order and his phone in the other hand.
Gig Driver

But a day in the life of a gig worker can be stressful and filled with unwelcome surprises. Lines at the airport, traffic on game day, 30-minute waits at the restaurant, untracked mileage, flipping between apps… the list goes on.

Gridwise was born to right this wrong, to fix the pain points and make gig drivers’ lives and jobs more productive and fulfilling. As former rideshare drivers ourselves, we celebrate our gig-working heroes. We’re here to help them experience their jobs with the dignity and livelihood they deserve.

Gig workers are moving us, our stuff, our friends, and our family throughout the world. And we’re here to help them move the world.

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Our founders

Ryan and Brian started Gridwise because they had seen firsthand the challenges that gig workers face every day. They knew there had to be a better way, and so they set out to build tools to make rideshare and delivery work easier.

Gridwise co-founder and CEO Ryan Green.

Ryan Green

CEO, Co-Founder

Gridwise co-founder and CTO Brian Finamore.

Brian Finamore

CTO, Co-Founder