The best assistant for rideshare, delivery, and gig work

Find the best places and times to drive

See how much other drivers in your area are earning in different neighborhoods, on different days of the week, and with different services.

A phone showing a table of the best neighborhoods to drive in by total driver earnings.

Where to drive

The biggest question most drivers face on the road. See which neighborhoods are most profitable for gig workers in your area.

When to drive

Planning out your week? See which days of the week are busiest for rideshare and which are busiest for delivery.

Compare services

Could you be making more on another platform? See how other gig workers in your area are doing on other services.

My Trends

See how your performance has changed over time and compare it to other gig workers in your area.

Detailed stats

Access advanced stats like earnings per hour, earnings per trip, and more.

Time of day

Not a morning person? You can break down any of these insights by time of day to see whether it's worth setting that early alarm.

Stay on top of your gig work business

Easily track your mileage and earnings so you can see whether you’re meeting your goals, and be prepared when it comes time to file your taxes.

A phone showing a comparison of a driver's earnings across different services.

Automatically track your earnings

Link your rideshare and delivery accounts to see all of your earnings in one place. We'll even sync tips that come in after the fact.

Track your mileage

Are you making the most of your tax deduction? Track your miles from the time you start driving to the time you get home. Gridwise will keep a running total of your estimated yearly deduction.

Track your expenses

Keep a record of all your gig work expenses and sort them into helpful categories.

Generate tax reports

Create itemized earnings, expense, and mileage reports with just a tap.

CSV export

Need to take your data somewhere else? Gridwise Plus subscribers have the option of creating CSV tax reports to use in spreadsheet or bookkeeping software.

Spend less time waiting at the airport

Don’t get stuck waiting in a massive queue. With Gridwise, you’ll always know whether it’s worth it to wait at the airport.

A phone showing a graph of passenger arrivals and departures at the airport.

Arrivals and departures

Just drop someone off at the airport? Check the next four hours of passenger arrivals and see whether it's worth entering the queue.


24-hour flight data

Gridwise Plus subscribers can see the next 24 hours (and previous three hours) of arrivals and departures.

Flight details

Gridwise Plus subscribers get up-to-the-minute information on individual flights, including plane sizes, arrival times, and delays.

Custom airport alerts

Serious about the airport? Subscribe to Gridwise Plus and configure custom alerts for when the airport is busy or there are significant delays.

Find your next passenger

Keep your finger on the pulse of the city and always know where you’ll be able to find rider demand.

A phone showing a list of popular events.


Experienced drivers know that you can always find a ride after a big event. See what events are going on in your city, how big they are, and when they end.

Saved events and reminders

Don't want to forget about a big event? Save and set reminders for the ones you don't want to miss.

Unlimited reminders

Gridwise Plus subscribers can set unlimited event reminders.

And a whole lot more…


Get alerts about weather, events letting out, and other opportunities.

App switcher

Easily switch between rideshare, delivery, and navigation apps from anywhere on your phone.

Benefits & Offers

Get the best deals on everything drivers need – from insurance to gas discounts to phone plans – with our exclusive suite of services.

Get more with Gridwise Plus

Your most indispensable features get even better with Gridwise Plus, starting at just $9.99 per month.

Better yet, Gridwise Plus is 100% tax-deductible. So what are you waiting for?