Gridwise for Business

Leveraging data and connections to create powerful insights

The Gridwise Business suite offers a range of options for those interested in working with us. Our services include access to ground truth gig mobility analytics, co-branded driver benefits, and your own custom-tailored advertising package. Which one best fits your business’s needs?

Gridwise Analytics

Unlocking the gig mobility industry

We’ve brought to market the first platform of its kind, one that provides ground truth insight into how people and goods move across gig mobility services. Companies partner with us to gain actionable intelligence that can’t be found anywhere else, powered by first-party data sets.

An illustration showing the Gridwise logo at the center of a network of other gig service logos like Uber, Lyft, Instacart, DoorDash, Postmates, Via, Grubhub, and Amazon Flex.
A smartphone showing a large advertisement on the home tab of the Gridwise app.

Gridwise Ads

Advertise with Gridwise

Interested in hyper-targeted advertising for your product or service? Our sales team creates advertising models specifically for your business’s needs. Need sign-ups to test a product? Hiring drivers for your fleet? Look no further.

Gridwise Partnerships

Partner with Gridwise

Gridwise Partnerships allow your company to team up with us and create awesome co-branded services to offer our drivers. You achieve your business goals while helping out our drivers; win-win!

A rideshare driver holding a phone.