Welcome to Rideshare 101, a free course for new drivers. Learn the basics of rideshare and delivery and make more money.

We created this course to empower you to start your rideshare business the right way. Learn what worked for us, avoid the mistakes we made, and set yourself up for success.

Meet your instructors


J is an active, boots-on-the-ground driver. He has maintained a 4.9 star average rating over 5,000 trips across multiple rideshare and delivery platforms. J specializes in helping drivers be more efficient on the road and improve their hourly earnings.

"I'm all about figuring out ways to make more money in less time."

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Brandon knows the rideshare and delivery business inside and out. He crunches the numbers to understand how much drivers are making throughout the country. Brandon also takes a deep look at the financial statements of rideshare and delivery companies to understand what these companies are doing and how their decisions affect drivers.

"I just want to help drivers understand what's going on in the industry, and how it's going to affect them."