What to expect on your first trip

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It’s okay to be nervous on your first trip!

It may seem daunting to juggle the driver app, find your way around town, and pick up a complete stranger.

Feeling anxious is normal, so don’t worry about making mistakes. Passengers are generally friendly, and the whole experience gets better with time.

Here’s what you can expect on your first trip.

Using the driver app

Uber and Lyft make the pickup experience very straightforward in their apps. Once you go online, you’ll be able to receive requests from riders. When you accept one, the app will give you turn-by-turn directions to the pickup location.

Navigating to the pickup

Follow the navigation directions. Once you arrive at the pickup location, the app will start a waiting timer and give you the option to start the trip.

Greeting the passenger

When your passenger arrives, greet them and confirm their name to make sure they have the right vehicle.

Feel free to let your passenger know this is your first trip. This can help lighten the mood, and passengers will be more patient if they know you’re new!

Dropping off your passenger

As you approach the dropoff point, the driver app will give you the option to end the trip. Once you’ve safely parked, say goodbye to your passenger and end the trip to see your payout. Don’t finish the trip until the passenger has left your vehicle.

Preparing for your next ride

Once you end a trip, you’ll be able to receive new requests. But you can always go offline if you need to take a break. Taking a quick break can give you a chance to recompose and check your car for any missing items or trash.

Action Items


Familiarize yourself with your driver apps.


Make sure you have the necessary personal health and cleaning supplies in the car with you.


Take your first trip!