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The world depends on rideshare and delivery services. Now that customers expect a ride, a meal, a package, or an entire grocery order at the swipe of a smartphone, TNCs (Transportation Network Companies) have to perform quickly and efficiently. Sophisticated apps and logistics systems make getting people and things from place to place effortless, but they aren’t the only thing you need to run your business successfully. Gig driver loyalty can help but you need additional tools to view the marketplace, including your competition, fully.

Access to real-time aggregated driver mobility data illuminates various components of the rideshare and delivery business, including one aspect of running a TNC that’s not so easy—getting and keeping drivers who are competent and loyal to your business. 

Driver loyalty: Does it exist?

Many reasons exist surrounding driver behavior that could suggest loyalty to a single service or lack thereof. However, quantifiable insight lies within the data of how many drivers choose to drive for a single service over multi-apping. 

Gridwise data shows that at least 31% of drivers work across multiple service platforms over a period of 91 days or more. 

An inforgraphic showing Gig driver loyalty and how many drivers multi app

Additionally, the data indicates these multi-apping drivers would move between services at different intervals – some switching apps daily, others weekly or monthly. Tracking periods could span individual days, weeks, months, or quarters.

Source: Gridwise Analytics

Aggregated data also indicates that 21% of drivers will drive across service categories, that’s to say that a driver may rideshare during a given period and then switch to food delivery in another. Data indicates that this is on the rise over time.

Source: Gridwise Analytics

Three plausible reasons why gig drivers multi-app using a variety of service platforms and across categories are: 

  • Drivers seek a variety of gig work such as rideshare, grocery deliveries, and food deliveries to reduce monotony.
  • Multi-apping allows the drivers to capitalize on peak pay incentives, earning more during busy times while reducing hours on the road.
  • Driving for multiple platforms allows drivers to choose from referral bonuses and flexible scheduling that are available at different times on different apps.

Drivers might move from one service platform to another to maximize earnings, and although it’s hard to blame them, platforms are left with the challenge of forecasting driver supply and demand, which can result in: 

  • Operational inefficiencies, longer wait times, and potentially lower customer satisfaction rates. 
  • Inconsistent service levels due to fluctuating driver availability in certain areas.
  • Higher marketing costs to re-attract lost customers.

Around 60-65% of DoorDash drivers drove strictly for that service platform between Q2 2022 and the beginning of Q3 2023. Instacart saw a single app driver rate between 45 and 50% over the same period, and Amazon Flex drivers driving solely for the platform reached a level of about 45% by the beginning of Q2 2023. 

Keeping your drivers as single service drivers for your platform can improve service levels and increase profitability, but how can you keep drivers from straying?

While your platform provides transportation analytics, such as your platforms’ current driver movements and performance, it’s only part of the story. To devise a strategy to keep drivers loyal to your platform, you need to know more about what drivers are getting from your competitors.

Where do all the drivers go?

Drivers are as concerned about their bottom line as you are. A gig driver’s ability to maximize earnings may apply to the base pay they’re getting and the incentives that are offered. A typical driver’s goal is to make as much money in as little time as possible, so many may switch to achieve this.

How can your team determine where drivers are going and how much they’re making from your competitors? Gig mobility data reveals all that information and more. Gig mobility data from Gridwise offers information your team requires to decide what you offer drivers to retain them on your platform. Leveraging gig mobility data will enable you to attract and retain top drivers and keep you ahead of the competition.

Gridwise gig mobility data reveals the big picture

Gridwise is the only platform currently capable of aggregating driver data across all major gig service platforms. Analyzing mobility trends across all the service platforms drivers use presents the big picture of the gig economy and how all the major service providers and their drivers are performing. This gives you a unified view of the on-demand workforce so you can optimize your operations, and attract more drivers to come on and stay on your platform.

Collected anonymously and aggregated across all rideshare and delivery service platforms nationwide, Gridwise gig mobility data yields details on all the many moving parts of gig driver activity and performance. Gridwise Analytics provides data insights for ride-sharing, food, grocery, and parcel delivery service platforms, including Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Grubhub, Instacart, Amazon Flex and other services.

Imagine what you can do to incentivize your drivers when you know more about:

Trip and Delivery Metrics

Get a clear idea of vehicle trip data by market location and periods for distance and duration of trip, distance and duration to pickup, maximum vehicle speed, base earnings, bonus earnings, tips, and total earnings per trip mile and trip minute.

Trip Origin and Destination Insights

Discover where the top pickup and dropoff hotspots are, and identify top origin-destination pairs.

Driver Work & Wage Metrics

Uncover details about work hours, miles driven, base earnings plus tips and bonuses per trip, per work hour, per work mile, and per trip minute.

Driver Efficiency and Batch Metrics

Get detailed information about “deadhead” work hours, batched delivery percentage, and base earnings for batches allocated to food and grocery gig shoppers and drivers.

Driver Supply Insights

View data on which service platforms drivers choose to work with over different time periods, such as week, month, and quarter. Data includes the number of service platforms drivers work with and the frequency, number of hours, and number of trips completed.

Vehicle Insights 

Information such as vehicle makes, models, and years for rideshare and food delivery drivers can feed you ideas for incentives and customized to drivers’ needs.

With Gridwise gig mobility data, you’ll be empowered with knowledge about which of your competitors attract the most trips in different markets, competing surge prices and bonuses, and which platforms produce the most profitable tipping behavior from their customers. 

Drill down to the details with Gridwise gig mobility data

With Gridwise Analytics, it’s seamless to see earning patterns based on various factors and to understand when and how your competitors entice drivers to work with them. Increasing gig driver revenue through performance data and maximizing gig driver earnings potential with gig driver traffic data are just some ways Gridwise gig mobility data can produce impressive results for your company, your drivers, and your customers.

Create pay, perks, and programs drivers will love

In addition, you can plan your bonus, perks, and other ways of attracting drivers by building a ridesharing demand forecasting strategy. Gridwise gig mobility data makes it possible to address drivers’ needs with pay levels and incentives that beat your competitors’ offers. You’ll know what times of the week, month, and year demand more drivers on duty and time your incentives to make the most effective impact.

Referring to data to optimize gig driver loyalty programs will help your service achieve a competitive edge. Drivers will reward your gestures of appreciation by sticking with you–because you make it possible for them to earn more money.

Rideshare and delivery are highly competitive, and customers expect top-notch service. With Gridwise gig mobility data, you’ll have access to the quantifiable insights to make decisions that attract and retain highly competent and loyal drivers and give customers every reason to choose your app as their go-to service.

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