Gridwise vs. Everlance. Which is the better gig driver tracking app?

Which Is the Better Gig Driver Tracking App? Gridwise vs. Everlance


Gridwise and Everlance are two popular apps designed to assist gig drivers by tracking mileage and optimizing earnings. Unsure of which one to choose? Look no further than this blog post for a detailed comparison.

The key to a great mileage app for rideshare or food delivery is its ability to alleviate the burden on gig drivers. Gone are the days of labor-intensive, easily forgotten, handwritten mileage logbooks. App-based mileage trackers are the way to go. However, with so many options available, it’s natural to wonder, “Which mileage tracker is the best for gig drivers?” There are numerous possibilities, most of which can be downloaded onto your phone.

You might be wondering, “What features should I look for in a mileage tracker? Which miles incurred during my gig driving are tax deductible? What other factors should I consider? And why is one tracker superior to the others?”

This blog post provides a side-by-side comparison of Gridwise and Everlance mileage trackers. By outlining the reasons, you will discover why Gridwise stands out as the premier tool for gig drivers.

You can also jump to the Gridwise website to explore how their mileage tracker fares against other major competitors.

Here's what we cover:

Why do gig drivers need a mileage tracker? 

Rideshare, food delivery, and many parcel delivery drivers are contract workers for gig platforms. They are solely responsible for paying federal and state taxes on their income. Rideshare companies don’t withhold taxes for you. It’s incumbent upon gig drivers to minimize that tax liability as much as possible. As gig drivers, your most significant tax deduction is the mileage you put on your car every time you gig drive. 

The IRS increased the standard deduction for business mileage in 2024 to 67 cents a mile. That means for every 10,000 miles of gig driving you put on your car, you can reduce your taxable income by $6,700. Gig drivers in metropolitan areas commonly put between 50,000 to 60,000 miles a year on their vehicles. Deducting accurate mileage makes a big difference in the money you’ll owe the IRS.

Why not use the mileage figure the gig company gives me?

We’re glad you asked that question. At the end of the year, you get an earnings statement from the gig platforms with a mileage figure. That figure reflects the miles you traveled from when you received your order or ride request to when you picked up the passenger or order and then concluded when you dropped off the passenger or delivered the order. 

It does not include the miles you traveled before receiving your first assignment, the miles you traveled between assignments, and the miles you traveled at the end of your shift on your way home. Those are all tax deductible because they are business-related. The Gridwise mileage tracker records these additional tax deductible miles for you. 

For a complete look at how Gridwise performs against some of the most popular mileage trackers in addition to Everlance, check out this Gridwise page

What if I get audited?

You can download the electronic mileage records from the Gridewise app. They are Excel-compatible so that you can make computations in minutes. You can also have a hard copy that serves as proof of your miles. Gridwise programmers carefully researched the IRS requirements for mileage reporting, and the Gridwise mileage tracker meets them. 

What are the features you need to look for in a mileage tracker?

When evaluating mileage trackers for gig drivers, the chief thing to remember is whether the mileage tracker is designed primarily for gig driving. Gridwise was founded by gig drivers for gig drivers. The founders realized there had to be a better way to track mileage. The Gridwise mileage tracker is part of the Gridwise app, a companion app designed for gig drivers. Now let’s look at the features you need as a gig driver. 

  • An accurate tracker. As a gig driver, you want to track every mile to ensure an accurate record for tax preparation. Gridwise links to your cell phone’s GPS. 
  • Automatic turn-on/turn-off reminder. If you forget to turn on the Gridwise mileage tracker, it senses that you’re driving and sends a message to your phone asking you if you want to activate it. The same thing happens at the end of your shift: if when you stop driving you forget to turn off the tracker, Gridwise sends you another message. 
  • Syncs all your gig platforms. High-performing gig drivers work on multiple platforms. Synchronizing them on the Gridwise app is simple, and you can easily pull up a collective report, showing in real-time which apps are the most profitable for you. 
  • Tracks your expenses. You might have bought a flashlight to see addresses or gum and mints for your rideshare passengers. Those are all deductible. The Gridwise mileage tracker includes a feature that allows you to quickly photograph receipts and enter a brief description. 
  • Downloadable reports. You can quickly and easily download your mileage into an Excel file for easy handling. Print it out for a hard copy. Drop in an easy-to-use Excel formula to add up a year’s mileage in seconds. 
  • Audit acceptable. IRS audits are always a possibility, especially for the self-employed. An orderly printout detailing your mileage will satisfy any tax examiner.  

While this blog post compares Gridwise to Everlance, you can also see how Gridwise matches up to all the best mileage tracking apps. 

A closer look at Gridwise vs. Everlance

Everlance review

Google score: 4.4

Apple score: 4.8

Versions: free, $10, and $33

An overview of Everlance reveals that it aims to attract gig drivers. However, if you dig deeper, you will find features aimed at companies with multiple employees and mileage payments. Everlance wants to be all things to all businesspeople rather than specifically focusing on the needs of gig drivers or gig workers. The result is an app cluttered with many features that can lead you down a confusing rabbit hole. 

You can manually enter your earnings into the Everlance app, but that’s time-consuming when you consider that Gridwise automatically tracks income from all your platforms and then presents it in an easy-to-understand format. Gig drivers need to see all their earnings at a glance, simplifying the analysis process. 

There are paid versions of Everlance, but most drivers can get by on the free version. Even so, gig drivers will be left looking for the additional features that are so important to them. 

The Gridwise review

Google score: 4.7

Apple score: 4.9

Versions: free and paid ($9.99 a month with a 20% discount if paid annually)

The Gridwise mileage tracker was designed and intended for gig drivers as well as gig workers. Its features relieve the administration burden so gig drivers can concentrate on building their earnings. Every tab and button has a purpose for the gig driver, all based on efficiency, saving time, and increasing profits. 

The Gridwise mileage tracker features a reminder that detects when you begin to drive and sends a message asking if you want to track your miles. The only miles you track are gig-related ones. That’s a powerful point to make to an IRS auditor. 

Gridwise, like Everlance, has an expense tracking function, but Gridwise lets you take receipt photos and place them in a report and a brief description. Compute mileage and expense reports in minutes at tax time. 

Where the Gridwise mileage tracker really shines, though, is in the unique features that make you a more productive gig driver. These include:

  • Trends at a glance. The Gridwise mileage tracker quickly displays earnings and history to show you where you make the most money. 
  • Where to drive. The Where to Drive tab monitors all the platforms you drive, letting you know in real time where the greatest demand is for rideshare, food, and grocery delivery.  
  • When to drive. The When to Drive tab on the Gridewise app provides a mix of historical and real-time data on when demand is the greatest. 
  • Gridwise messaging. With Gridwise messaging, you’ll receive the latest information on when and where a concert, sporting event, or other activity is happening, ensuring you won’t miss out. 
  • The Gridwise blog. The Gridwise blog, updated regularly, provides you with rideshare, food delivery, and grocery delivery information. Learn the latest strategies and secrets, helping you save time and boost earnings. 
  • Airport features. Unravel the mystery of airports with Gridwise. Know when flights are arriving so you can be ready for passengers. 
  • Traffic and weather reports. Weather and traffic can change in minutes. Gridwise monitors the reporting sources and lets you know when these factors affect your productivity. 

Side-by-side comparison: Everlance vs. Gridwise

There is much confusion about the best mileage app, but Gridwise cuts through the clutter. The following table looks at premium features available on paid Gridwise vs. Everlance apps. 

Google score4.74.4
Apple score4.94.8
Free versionYesYes
Cost$6.99 a month; $59.99 if paid annually $10 and $33
Plan scopeOne paid plan includes all benefits and services Benefits and services depend on which plan you choose 
Ability to link gig accountsYesNo
Assigns earning categoriesYesNo
Earnings trendsYesNo
Mileage trackerYesYes
Earnings trackerYesNo
Expense trackerYesYes
When to driveYesNo
Where to driveYesNo
Live activities infoYesNo
Messaging of special events and opportunitiesYesNo
Wage earning info based on real-time analytics of more than 500K driversYesNo
Shows typical earnings in areaYesNo
Airport statusYesNo
Vehicle infoYesNo
Weather infoYesNo
Affordable health insurance plansYesNo
Life insuranceYesNo
Disability insuranceYesNo
Accident insuranceYesNo
Gas savingsYesNo
Tax helpYesYes
Legal helpYesNo
Traffic alertsYesNo
Perks designed specifically for gig driversYesNo

Benefits of Gridwise membership

Gridwise offers benefits that gig drivers find difficult to locate anywhere else. Here are just a few: 

  • health insurance
  • dental insurance
  • vision insurance
  • life insurance
  • disability insurance
  • disability coverage
  • accident coverage
  • tax help 
  • auto insurance marketplace 
  • no-cost and low-cost life insurance coverage
  • accidental death coverage 
  • identity theft protection
  • chiropractic and alternative medicine benefits
  • telemedicine and teletherapy
  • credit and debt counseling services 

Gridwise is always adding benefits. Subscribe to Gridwise today for the deepest discounts on these services. Learn why Gridwise stands out in our comprehensive guide to the top 5 gig worker apps.

Gridwise comes out on top

Many apps claim to be for gig drivers, but they are often an afterthought. Everlance ranks well as a financial app for freelancers and self-employed professionals, but it lacks the services that top-earning gig drivers need to maintain their productivity. 

When it comes to gig drivers, Gridwise has the most complete selection of features to make your work more profitable and keep your tax liabilities at a minimum. 

Gridwise Plus

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