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Where Should a Full-Time Rideshare Driver Live in DC?


Realistically, the answer to this question is “anywhere in DC.” You are mobile as a rideshare driver; you can be anywhere you need to be given enough time. There are neighborhoods and locales, however, that might be more beneficial to live in depending on your needs. Every rideshare driver is different, with their own unique idea for an ideal living space. Whether it’s providing for a family or sustaining your DC socialite lifestyle, you need to choose the best place to start your driving. Proximity to your work eliminates some commuter hassle, but what if you’re the one providing the commutes?

All things considered, what are the best places to live if you work as a full-time rideshare driver in DC?


This is one of the least expensive neighborhoods in Washington DC and a real up-and-comer. Deanwood is a two-square-mile neighborhood is host to many single-story households in the northeast corner of the city. It has a quaint feel, with all of the amenities of the city without all of the hustle and bustle. Drivers could live here with relative ease, and even buy a home on the cheap. You can pick up passengers going to and from the eastern Maryland suburbs, as well as provide rides throughout the city with a short commute.

Columbia Heights

Columbia Heights is the bang-for-your-buck neighborhood in DC. It’s still somewhat affordable (compared with other rapidly up-and-coming neighborhoods) and full of young folks. The neighborhood oozes personality, and is often lauded as DC’s most diverse neighborhood. It’s central to many of the most vibrant neighborhoods in the capital, so you can count on a higher driver demand during the evenings. During the day, people are looking to go to the monuments and see the cultural sites nearby. All in all, consider living here if you’d like to stay close to all of the action.

Capitol Hill

On the other end, for those of you who aren’t sweating the living/parking expenses too much, staying in Capitol Hill may be the move for you. It’s still pretty residential like Deanwood, but that’s where the similarities end really. The historic neighborhood is full of high-profile congressmen. There are also plenty of recent college grads, small families and that make this place a prime location to pick up clientele. Since the neighborhood is full of historic icons, tourists flock to Capitol Hill. The nearby Eastern Market is also a popular spot for fresh produce, so you’ll attract a lot of riders who are shopping. If you’re looking to cash in on high driver demand, then this is a sweet spot.

Del Rey, VA

This neighborhood in Aletxandria is well-known for it’s small town feel with big city surroundings. Del Rey works well for the drivers who wish to be around for all of the action but can’t stand the noise and business of it all. Many of the residents bike to work, so it may not be an ideal place to actually pick up rides. Instead, this is for the drivers with families who would still like to live central to DC. Since you’re so close to the heart of downtown DC, however, it’s not a very far or congested commute to get in on the action.

Arlington, VA

Located across the Potomac river from Washington DC, Arlington has become a diversity hub for millennials and families. It’s right next to the capital, which makes it a very popular (and expensive) place to live. It’s trendy restaurants, thriving bar culture and airport proximity also make it a prime location for rideshare drivers. Traffic in and around Arlington can be a mess, though. The Woodrow Wilson Bridge, which takes you across state lines into DC, backs up consistently. Try to keep the majority of your drives during off hours, where demand is still high but trip duration is shorter.

Silver Spring, MD

For drivers who are looking to pick up Maryland suburb commutes, this is the place to be. It’s vibrant, diverse and affordable. Silver Spring is cheaper than living in DC proper, and parking your vehicle isn’t as much of a pain. Your range of customers is all over the place, from students attending Howard University to families to yuppies getting to the metro. You can still go to DC and pick up fares in the city proper, but without many of the associated expenses.

Vienna, VA

For those of you who choose to accept airport trips, you may want to consider living closer to the airports if possible. Vienna is a good halfway point between the Dulles International Airport and the capital. It’s a mixed income neighborhood, with plenty of amenities without losing the standard of easy living. You’ll get a healthy amount of commuters who are trying to get to the city and its surrounding neighborhoods if you choose to go that route.

Are you a new DC driver and looking for a place to live? Let us know if this guide was helpful in the comments section!


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