5 Best Mileage Trackers For Gig Drivers


Many drivers ask, “Do I really need a mileage tracking app?” The answer is simple: only if you want to have an accurate count of all the miles you can legally deduct from your taxable income! You might think your rideshare or delivery driving app has got you covered. After all, they do quite a good job of logging the miles you drive while you’re on a trip or delivery. But, if you want to have the best app to track mileage for Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Instacart, or the other apps you may use, you need more. Why is that?

Without a separate tracker, you’re missing the miles you drive in between pings. Did you realize that all the miles you drive, from the moment you begin your shift until it’s over (as long as you don’t drive several miles on a break to hang with your friends), are tax deductible! That means you need something besides your driving app to keep an accurate count of your travels. Read this Gridwise post to see how important it is to keep track of every deductible mile.

You won’t be surprised to hear that there’s an app for tracking miles. In fact, there are several of them. Here, we’re going to tell you about five top mileage tracking apps, and help you figure out which one is best for you.

Before we get to the list and identify the best mileage tracker app, let’s clarify what exactly a mileage tracking app is. According to G2.com’s technology glossary, mileage tracking is done for the purpose of keeping a log of mileage that is either reimbursable or tax deductible. 

And yes, of course you can track your miles simply by taking readings on your odometer. But are you really prepared to account for how many miles you drove for personal reasons and subtract them from the total to get your business mileage? Even if you can remember all that and do the arithmetic, if you want an accurate reading of the miles you drive for business, and can therefore deduct, a mileage tracking app will save you a lot of trouble and prevent you from making costly errors. 

Plus, as a gig driver, you have specific needs when it comes to a mileage tracker. Ideally, you’d be able to handle mileage tracking and several other functions all in one app. It can be maddening enough to deal with driving apps, particularly if you’re an avid multi-apper. You would want your mileage tracker app to help you keep account of other aspects of your business, including income, expenses, and inside information about the art of gig driving.

Not all mileage apps are equal, to be sure! Let’s look at five of the best apps to track mileage and figure out which is the best app to track mileage with Uber and Lyft, or what mileage tracker app is best for DoorDash.

Here's what we cover:

1.  Zoho Expense

Zoho expense as an expense tracker app. Zoho expense vs Gridwise

First up is Zoho Expense, which does exactly what its name says. This app is designed to allow companies to give employees a uniform way to create and submit expense reports. It can be used by individuals, including gig drivers, as well. 

It includes a mileage tracker, as well as features that let you track other deductible expenses, including the ability to scan and record receipts. 

Available on Android and Apple: Yes

Ratings: 4.8 stars on App Store, 4.7 stars on Google Play

Free Version: Yes

Subscription price: $3 per month, billed annually

Created specifically for gig drivers: No

2. Quickbooks Online

Quick books online app store screenshots. Quick books vs gridwise

Quickbooks Online is a cloud-based app that allows you to track your mileage, earnings, and expenses. The information you enter can then be used to generate various reports that prepare you for tax time. It also allows you to create graphs that illustrate your cash flow, and includes a receipt scanner so you can instantly record deductible expenses. Quickbooks is popular, highly reliable, and designed mainly to help people keep track of their small businesses.

Available on Android and Apple: Yes

Ratings: 4.7 stars on App Store, 4.4 stars on Google Play

Free version: 30-day free trial

Subscription price: $15 per month for basic version if purchased for 3 months or more

Created specifically for gig drivers: No

Source: quickbooks.intuit.com

3. Shoeboxed

Shoe boxed receipt scanner. Shoeboxed vs gridwise

Shoeboxed started in 2007 as a service for scanning paper receipts into digital form. Now the app offers a free mileage tracker and has enabled users to scan receipts directly. It touts itself as the best mileage tracking app for DoorDash, but there are some elements missing that Dashers might like to have. While it provides features that record your expenses and prepare you for tax season, it doesn’t automatically track your earnings. The mileage tracker has a system where you can drop pins along your routes to make the tracking more precise, identifying those legs of a trip that you make for business purposes. The mileage tracker is “free” once you sign up for the basic version.

Available on Android and Apple: Yes

Ratings: 4.5 stars on App Store, 2.3 stars on Google Play

Free version: No

Subscription price: $18 per month for basic version

Created specifically for gig drivers: No

Source: blog.shoeboxed.com

4. Stride

Stride milegae and expense tracker app store screenshot. Stride vs gridwise.

This free mileage tracker does a fair job of keeping track of the distances you rack up while gig driving, but it doesn’t automatically track earnings. It can be a big help, though, in tracking your expenses. You can link Stride to your bank account, and it will automatically scan your expenses to identify items you can potentially deduct. The app is totally free. This could make it the best free mileage tracker app, but there is a small price to pay. The app will persistently push you to consider various insurance plans that they are affiliated with. If you don’t mind that, this is a solid mileage tracker, even if it doesn’t track your earnings. 

Available on Android and Apple: Yes

Ratings: 4.8 stars on App Store, 4.6 stars on Google Play

Free version: Yes

Subscription price: None. The app is free.

Created specifically for gig drivers: No

5. Gridwise

Gridwise has a free mileage tracker and free features that record your income and expenses. It gives you access to insurance and benefits, as well as insights about the best times and places to make the most money while gig driving. The Gridwise mileage tracker captures all the miles you drive while you’re on your driving shift, and it can be used if you have other trips you need to make which qualify as business travel.

Drivers love it because it is geared toward the needs of rideshare and delivery workers, providing free information about airport departures and arrivals, event start and let out times, weather, traffic, and more. The Gridwise Plus subscription adds value by providing additional insights and reports, discounts on benefits, the ability to export data in .csv format,, and more.

Available on Android and Apple: Yes

Ratings: 4.9 stars on App Store, 4.6 stars on Google Play

Free version: Yes

Subscription price: $9.95 per month for Gridwise Plus, or $95.99 per year (a $23.41 savings)

Created specifically for gig drivers: Yes!

What is the best mileage tracking app?

Now that we’ve checked them all out, we’re positive about the answer to that. Hands down, it’s Gridwise. Are we biased? You bet we are! But drivers love it too. Gridwise is the best mileage tracker app—and so much more. So many of the features are free, and the subscription to Gridwise Plus will pay for itself with additional insights to boost your earnings and deeper discounts on products and services.

Most important, Gridwise is designed specifically for gig drivers by experts who were once gig drivers themselves! Knowing what gig drivers need is a crucial step in creating an app that rideshare and delivery drivers can really use! Here are a few of the features, besides mileage tracking:

  • seamless earnings tracking
  • automatic, on/off toggle and manual mileage tracking
  • mileage categorization
  • airport, traffic, weather, and events information
  • insights into where to drive and when to drive
  • reports showing earnings across the platforms you use
  • discounts on countless products and services for drivers
  • additional resources for finding side gigs
  • an informative and comprehensive blog
  • affordable benefits, including insurance, medical, dental, and alternative practitioner discounts
  • a community of drivers just like you

Don’t settle for just any app. Get the best mileage tracker, and so much more, from Gridwise!

Gridwise Plus

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