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Do you find it’s getting harder to earn the kind of money you used to rake in as a rideshare driver? There’s no question that the robust fares, huge bonuses, and tantalizing surge pay are less plentiful than they once were. Now you have to hustle hard to make a living with Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services. Meanwhile, your personal and business expenses keep rising, making life a hassle and a hustle.

Here's what we cover:

What can you do to keep your earnings at the levels you once enjoyed?

The answer to that might not be as complicated as you think. It’s true that you can’t reduce the take rates of the driving apps you use. It’s not possible to get companies to raise their fares when you like, and you can’t suddenly manifest high-tipping customers out of thin air, either. Getting yet another side hustle isn’t the most attractive option, given that it’s always nice to have some time left in your life to do things that don’t involve work.

What if you could have passive income—the kind of earning power that doesn’t require your full participation? What if you could have that source of passive income with you, right there in your vehicle, while you continue to drive for your gig? What if you could make a lot more money with a lot less hustle?

Engage and entertain your riders while scooping up extra earnings

All these things are possible, thanks to Play Octopus, an interactive experience for your passengers to enjoy. You get a FREE tablet that mounts on the back of your front seat, so your passengers in the back seat can be informed and entertained with interactive games, unique information, premium videos, and prizes. Your riders will be happily occupied with content that’s curated just for Uber and Lyft passengers, while you sit back, keep driving, and make more money!

How does Play Octopus helps you to earn more?

  1. Driving with passengers who are occupied with Octopus earns you points. The more you drive, the more money you make. Most drivers earn up to $50–$75 per month with Play Octopus. Others have brought in as much as $100 and even more. Passive income makes earning extra money as a rideshare driver so easy. To help get you started, Play Octopus gives you a $25 bonus once you start to drive with your tablet!
  2. When your passengers enjoy engaging with Play Octopus, you get extra tips. What they see and hear is sure to spark a convo that gets a few chuckles going between you. After your mutually pleasant connection, your customers just have to go a little deeper into their pockets to give nice, fat gratuities to their new friend—you! 
  3. Refer your friends to Play Octopus and collect a $25 fee for each new driver.

Does Play Octopus have any costs attached?

Play Octopus is available nationwide and doesn’t cost you a cent. You get the tablet for free, and receive LTE data from T-Mobile to keep it connected at no charge. Mounting and charging equipment are also included in the package. What happens if you want to move on from your gig? If you ever decide to stop rideshare driving, and can no longer use the tablet, you simply return it, free of any fees.

To qualify, all you need to do is be a rideshare driver who’s been driving for at least two months, averaging at least 100 rides per month. Most active drivers easily qualify and can start making more money with almost no effort—right away! 

Play Octopus is popular and lucrative. T-Mobile recently acquired Play Octopus, and this world-class service enables Play Octopus to offer a huge wealth of games, content, and clients to draw on. You can count on Play Octopus as a source of extra income that requires no extra work from you, well into the future!

Get started with Play Octopus

  • Join the community of more than 60,000 Play Octopus drivers
  • Earn extra money while you drive
  • Get bigger tips
  • Receive higher ratings
  • Make friends with your customers
  • Join a robust driver community
  • Enjoy exclusive events and driver-only giveaways

Ready to apply for Play Octopus?

Simply fill out this application, and you’ll be on your way toward the kind of earnings that rideshare drivers deserve. Bring the good old days of well-paid rideshare back with Play Octopus.


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