Income and earnings tracker app for gig drivers

Gridwise is a gig driving assistant app for rideshare and delivery drivers that tracks earnings, mileage, and expenses for maximum tax deductions.

Gridwise also tracks performance metrics – such as earnings per hour, trips per hour, and earnings per trip – across all gig services. Link your accounts to automatically track your earnings and understand which services are making you the most money.

Maximize your gig driving earnings with Gridwise!

A phone showing a comparison of a driver's earnings across different services.

Automatically track your earnings

Automatically sync earnings from every service you work for and easily see how much you are making on each.

Tracking vehicle expenses

Understand your bottom line by tracking all of your rideshare and delivery driving expenses in one place.

Track your mileage

Effortlessly track all of your gig driving miles and maximize your tax deduction.

Earnings and income calculator app for delivery drivers

Automatically track all your trips and earnings in one place.
Link multiple gig driving accounts to automatically track your earnings and understand which services are making you the most money.


Track earnings and expenses

Log your rideshare and delivery activity with Gridwise to keep your earnings, expenses, and mileage in one place. Get an estimate of your tax deduction and export detailed mileage reports.


Discover earnings opportunities

Take advantage of exclusive earnings opportunities that the Gridwise team has curated to help drivers earn more.


Exclusive benefits for gig drivers

With Gridwise Plus, drivers save up to 25¢ per gallon on gas and receive exclusive benefits from car, life, and health insurance providers. 


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Gridwise App Store Rating
Mileage and expense tracking made easy!

Definitely in love with this app. I do multiple rideshare and delivery apps and I love that I can track it all in one place. Keeping track of earnings, mileage, and deductions has made my life easier!

— kjabre

Gridwise App Store Rating
Learn how to maximize earnings and income

This app helps you track your earnings across all of your apps and maximize your earnings. You can’t beat it!

— nottoleratingstupid

Gridwise App Store Rating
Concise earnings report

I really like how this summarizes my earnings metrics from various platforms and helps me understand rider demand to increase my earnings.

— michaelh007007

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. To start tracking your earnings with Gridwise, go to your profile by tapping on the profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  2. Under “Services” tap Add a service and follow the instructions to either link an account or record earnings for a service manually.
  3. If you link an account, your earnings will be automatically synced with Gridwise, including tips and bonuses. You will see them collected in the Earnings tab of the app.
  4. If you choose to record earnings manually, you will be able to enter your earnings for each shift whenever you stop the mileage tracker.

From the Earnings tab, flip the steering wheel switch at the top of the screen to start the mileage tracker. Flip it again when you stop driving to save your mileage.

A mileage tracker being switched on and off.

Gridwise will also send you a notification when it notices that you are driving to ask if you want to start the mileage tracker. Just open the notification to start the tracker.

From the Earnings tab, you can easily see your total expenses for the year, as well as an estimate of your mileage deduction based on the miles you’ve tracked in the app.

You can also easily create tax reports for your earnings, expenses, and mileage. These can be useful when it’s time to file your taxes.

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