Mileage tracker app for gig drivers

Gridwise is a mileage tracking app designed specifically for rideshare and delivery drivers. In addition to tracking mileage, Gridwise helps you effortlessly track expenses and earnings to help you save money during tax season.

Use the built-in mileage tracker to automatically track all the work miles you put on your vehicle no matter what gig platform you drive for. Download all of your saved miles into a report to use during tax season to save thousands on taxes.

A phone showing a driver's earnings, expenses, and tracked mileage.

Track your mileage

Effortlessly track all of your gig driving miles to maximize your tax deduction. Choose from automatic tracking, on/off tracking, or manual entry.

Tracking vehicle expenses

Keep track of your gig expenses all in one place. Understand your vehicle utilization by classifying your miles as business or personal.

Automatically track your earnings

Automatically sync earnings from every service you work for and easily see how much you are making on each.

Track mileage

As a rideshare or delivery driver, tracking expenses and mileage is crucial for maximizing your earnings and reducing your tax burden. The easiest way to keep track of your rideshare miles is with the Gridwise mileage tracker. Start tracking your miles when you go online with your drivers apps and stop tracking when you get home at the end of the day.


Track earnings and expenses

In addition to mileage tracking, track earnings and expenses when driving for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub,  Gopuff, and more. Gridwise syncs with your delivery driver and rideshare apps so you can track mileage, earnings, and expenses effortlessly across all services.


Discover the best times and places to drive

Stop spending too much time at the airport. Stop working in neighborhoods that don’t make money. Gridwise shows you the most profitable times and places to drive.

Gridwise supports over 300,000 drivers across over 20 different gig service platforms. Sync multiple gig driving platforms to the app and see which ones make you the most money. Track mileage automatically to simplify taxes and maximize deductions.

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Gridwise App Store Rating
Mileage app for gig workers

“If you are a gig worker, I highly recommend getting this app. It tracks your mileage and gives you your tax deduction for gas and vehicle expenses. And it’s free!”

— Ali C.
Gridwise App Store Rating
Mobile app for mileage tracking

Great way to track mileage if you are a gig worker!

— Chaiguy17

Gridwise App Store Rating
Expense and mileage tracker app

Track your income, mileage, and expenses on all platforms in one app. Great blogs on how to increase your profits.

— Big DJJamar

Frequently Asked Questions

From the Earnings tab, flip the steering wheel switch at the top of the screen to start the mileage tracker. Flip it again when you stop driving to save your mileage.

A mileage tracker being switched on and off.

Gridwise will also send you a notification when it notices that you are driving to ask if you want to start the mileage tracker. Just open the notification to start the tracker.

Your tracked mileage will be added to your daily totals on the Earnings tab.

Gridwise does not track your miles until you turn this button on. Make sure to also turn this off after each shift to track mileage accurately.

To turn on automatic tracking:

  1. Tap your user profile in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  2. Tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to open Setting.
  3. Choose “Mileage Tracking.”
  4. Under “Tracking Method,” change your method to automatic, following the instructions to grant location permissions and sign up for Gridwise Plus if necessary. (Automatic tracking is only available to Gridwise Plus subscribers or those taking advantage of its free trial.)


That’s all there is to it. Your mileage will now be tracked when you’re on the move, and you can come back into the app at any time to classify your miles as business or personal.

From the Earnings tab, you can easily see your total expenses for the year, as well as an estimate of your mileage deduction based on the miles you’ve tracked in the app.

You can also easily create tax reports for your earnings, expenses, and mileage. These can be useful when it’s time to file your taxes.

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