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Meet the Gridwise team

Visit us at the Food On Demand Conference in Las Vegas on May 4-6, 2022. Use the form to book time with our team or stop by Booth #526 any time to discuss:

Understand how people and goods move across gig mobility platforms

Reach the most comprehensive network of gig drivers

Empower gig drivers or enhance data offerings

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About Gridwise

Gridwise is the leading business app for gig drivers empowering over 150k drivers across the US each month. Gridwise also empowers businesses by providing access to gig mobility data, targeted driver advertising, and partnerships to jointly benefit drivers or enhance data offerings. Our business suite offers a variety of solutions, including:

  • Access to ground truth analytics on the food and grocery delivery industries
  • Finance-specific insights for firms that cover the rideshare and delivery ecosystem
  • Co-branded driver benefits
  • Custom-tailored advertising packages

Book a meeting with us at the Food on Demand Conference 2022

Who's attending?

employee alex
Alex Egan

Brand Success Manager

employee clay
Clay Moore

Director of Brand Partnerships

brian sigal
Brian Sigal

VP Partnerships

meet mike sussman
Mike Sussman

Head of Sales, Gridwise Analytics