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Cut the costs of owning a car and start saving by renting

We’ve partnered with HyreCar to help you save money with flexible car rental options. Or earn up to $720 per month by renting out your car.

A man being handed a car key through a car window.

Rent a car

Rideshare and delivery drivers can rent a car to drive for most gig services with Gridwise Rental. Reduce the stress, hassle and monthly cost of owning a car. And the best part is, insurance is included.

How it works

  1. Sign up for Gridwise Rental
  2. Search for available cars in your area
  3. Submit applications
  4. Pick up the keys, drive, and start earning!

Rent out your car

Already own a car? Rent it out and earn up to $720 per month.

How it works

  1. List your car on HyreCar
  2. When a driver books your car, you’ll be able to accept or decline their request
  3. Arrange a time and place to hand off the keys
  4. HyreCar’s secure payment system means you always get paid on time via direct deposit.1
Car listing requirements
  • High-quality images (interior and exterior)
  • Description of your car
  • Current or temporary registration (no salvaged or rebuilt titles)
  • Current insurance card
  • A vehicle inspection
  • Vehicle requirements2

Get 10% off your first HyreCar rental.3 Gridwise Plus members get 15% off!4

1 Enter in your personal or business ACH information and watch the money roll in. Drivers are charged upfront, and you are paid automatically after pick up and whenever they extend their rental. You’ll earn 70%–85% of the trip price, depending on the vehicle protection plan you choose.

2 We accept vehicles that are 15 years old or newer. Vehicles must have a clean title, no salvaged or rebuilt titles, and we don’t accept convertibles, stick shifts, or vehicles that are worth more than $50,000.  See further details about HyreCar vehicle requirements.

3 Standard Gridwise users will receive 10% off their first HyreCar rental with code HYRE10 at check out.

4 Gridwise Plus users will receive 15% off their first HyreCar rental with code WISE15 at check out.