Should Rideshare Drivers Deliver for goPuff?

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Before you think, “Ah, just another food courier service,” think again. Founded in 2013 by two college students, goPuff has changed the delivery game by focusing all its efforts on the huge demand for convenience store items. From mouthwash to cereal to a pint of ice cream, goPuff allows customers to order everything they could find at their local convenience store and have it delivered to their door.

What differentiates from other courier services is that it goes beyond just delivering—it’s the first-of-its-kind digital convenience retailer. With 150+ centrally located facilities throughout the U.S., each of which stocks more than 2,500 products, goPuff is changing the courier game by not just delivering the products, but also stocking and supplying them. 

While the business model itself seems great, we’re more focused on understanding one thing: Is it worth it to drive for goPuff? Read on to see what you think. 

Driver requirements

As a fast-growing company, goPuff needs drivers in many cities, and this demand will grow rapidly with its continued expansion into new locations. To become a goPuff driver, you must be passionate about helping people and meet the following requirements: 

  • Be at least 21 years old
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Have a car and auto insurance in your own name
  • Have an iPhone 5 with iOS 10 or newer, or an Android 4.4.3 or newer
  • Be willing and able to pass a background check
  • Be willing and able to pass a prepaid alcohol delivery training course (where applicable)

If you fit these requirements, check goPuff’s website to confirm that there’s a warehouse in your city. If there isn’t, don’t be discouraged because that could change.

The process of applying for a goPuff driver position is quick and easy, and you can fill out an application on the website in less than ten minutes. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll be prompted to schedule an interview. Depending on your location, it will take place either in person or on the phone. Once you’ve been hired, you can start scheduling shifts immediately unless you’re in a location that allows alcohol delivery. In that case, you’ll need to pass a delivery training course before you can start driving.

How does it work for drivers?

If you drive for goPuff, you can arrange a schedule that works best for you. The company has its drivers sign up for shifts a week in advance. 

When it’s time for your shift, you’ll go to the goPuff warehouse and wait for orders to be ready for delivery. Drivers have commented in online career websites that they don’t have to wait very long for orders to be ready. Deliveries are made within a 30-minute drive from the warehouse, and once completed you head back for more.  

How much can you make with goPuff?

One thing that makes goPuff different from other delivery services is that drivers don’t have to run around so much. Rather than having to go to a convenience store, pick out the items, pay for the items, and then deliver the items, drivers go to one central location: the goPuff warehouse. An operations team fulfills the order, packs it up, and hands it to you—all you have to do is grab it and go. 

The goPuff business model promises customers that they will only be charged a set delivery fee of $1.95, and there are no added surge charges when demand is high. This is great for the customer—but what about the drivers delivering these products? 

Like other delivery services, goPuff drivers are independent contractors. To ensure adequate pay, the company guarantees a minimum hourly wage for drivers of $10 on weekdays and $12 on weekends (these may vary based on your market). Drivers can also keep 100 percent of their tips. 

Here’s a goPuff wage scenario: Let’s say you drive a five-hour shift with a minimum of $12 per hour for a total of $60 pay but only end up making $50, goPuff will pay you the $10 difference. There is the opportunity to make more if you get multiple back to back deliveries and tips, and most drivers have reported making $10 – $16/hour on average.

Pros of driving with goPuff

No driving around to restaurants or stores: Because all items for delivery are stored in the goPuff warehouse, your only destination to complete a delivery is the customer’s location. 

Guaranteed pay: goPuff’s minimum hourly wage guarantee means drivers are properly compensated. If your pay doesn’t add up to the minimum promised, goPuff will make up the difference, taking the guesswork out of your hourly pay. 

Ability to make more money: Like most other delivery apps, there is no earnings cap. Although we haven’t heard of any drivers making more than $16 per hour (yet), the possibility is there with nearby deliveries and generous tips.

Cons of driving with goPuff

Delivery distance: Because goPuff drivers deliver up to a thirty-minute radius of the warehouse, a single delivery could potentially take up to an hour. 

Lack of flexibility: Similar to delivering for a local restaurant, you have a set schedule that you create the week before. As a result, there’s no option to start and stop driving as you please. 

Potentially lower compensation than other courier services: While it’s great that goPuff ensures a minimum hourly wage, the payment model does not take distance driven into consideration like Uber Eats and other apps do. 

Is goPuff right for me?

Driving for goPuff means consistent pay and work without the hassle of picking up orders at convenience stores or restaurants. If you’re looking to diversify your rideshare driving with some deliveries and want something with a guaranteed minimum hourly pay and set schedules, goPuff may be a good fit for you. As the company continues to expand to new markets at a rapid pace, there will be a growing need for delivery drivers and more shifts available. 

How does it stack up against the competition?

Interested in how driving for goPuff stacks up against other courier delivery apps? We’ve got you covered! Check out the graphic below to see driving requirements, payment details, and more.

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