Drivers Gridwise

Drivers everywhere are driving smarter and earning more with Gridwise. See what they’re saying.

This is one of the best apps I have ever come across. It lets me track how much I make each week and see where I drove all day.
Rolly Stone TV
Helps me with my mileage tracking and reminds me to turn on the mileage tracker every time I get on the road.
Love this app! I do both Uber and Lyft. Gridwise helps me track earnings on both platforms each day and gives a concise summary of how I did for that week. It breaks down each week's earnings into categories so you can analyze what you did right or wrong. Keep up the good work!
I do food deliveries on bike. I was recently thinking about using something like Strava to track my rides, but then I stumbled across Gridwise. The mileage tracker is exactly what I was looking for. It’s cool to see which app I’m making the most from, how much I average per trip, per hour, etc.
Everyone doing gig work – either rideshare or delivery – should get this app. It's helpful and makes mileage tracking effortless.
kojo daCosta
Highly recommend to anyone who wants to track mileage and income for tax purposes. App is very easy user friendly and has many tips and insights on where the heavy ride volumes are located.
Jason Ramos
This app streamlines my ability to track my mileage, earnings, and mileage deductions. Proving to be really necessary as I jump back and forth between driver platforms.
Great app for Uber drivers. Kept more up-to-date than Uber during the COVID pandemic.
Sain Owumi
Was looking for a good app to help track my miles for my taxes. Glad I found Gridwise.
Very easy-to-use, with detailed information on mileage and earnings. Also has the option to export a tax report when your taxes are due!