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Two phones showing a list of profitable neighborhoods, and a comparison of a driver's earnings across services.
Wall Street Journal
Los Angeles Times
App Store Rating: 4.9 Stars
"Gridwise has helped my rideshare business significantly and has improved my profitability by more that 50%. Well worth it."
The OnyxLion
App Store Review
Gridwise App Store Rating

Rideshare driver assistant

Gridwise is the #1 assistant for rideshare drivers. This app keeps track of flights in addition to every event.


Gridwise App Store Rating

Useful delivery driver app

Was looking for a good app to help track my miles for my taxes. Glad I found Gridwise.

— DaveL1990

Gridwise App Store Rating

Assistant app for delivery drivers & gig-workers

I recommend Gridwise for rideshare drivers. It helps you earn more and lets you know when and where to work.

— Mass log

Gridwise App Store Rating

Gig driver assistant app

Super convenient app for tracking mileage and expenses for your car, and earnings from your rideshare or delivery driver apps!

— Bigsr77

A table showing the best neighborhoods to drive in.

Find the best places and times to drive

See how much other drivers in your area are earning in different neighborhoods, on different days of the week, and with different services

Automatically track your earnings

Link your accounts to automatically track your earnings and understand which services are making you the most money

A pie chart comparing a driver's earnings across different services.
A map showing a driver's tracked mileage.

Track your mileage

Effortlessly track all of your rideshare and delivery miles and maximize your tax deduction

Spend less time waiting at the airport

Decide if it's a good time to go to the airport based on the number of arriving and departing passengers

A bar graph of passenger arrivals at the airport.

Exclusive benefits for drivers

Insurance, gas discounts, phone plans, and more

Gridwise Protection

Replace 80% of your lost income when you can't work

Gridwise Gas

Get up to 50¢ off per gallon

Gridwise Connect

Phone plans starting at $25 per month

Download Gridwise today

For iOS and Android

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Gridwise for Business

We work with hundreds of businesses to advertise to gig drivers and understand gig mobility through analytics