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Gridwise is a free app that helps rideshare drivers increase their earnings and optimize their time on the road. Download Gridwise for iOS or Android.

Gridwise boosts rideshare earnings an average of 39%


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Decide if it's a good time to go to the airport based on the number of arriving and departing passengers.

Check the airport queues before you get there, no matter where you are.

Airport Queues

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Plan ahead by browsing high-demand events. Get more rides and increase your earnings by knowing the best places and times to drive.

Track your total mileage and tax deduction. Compare your earnings across services.

Shift Tracking

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Driver Taskbar

Easily switch between rideshare and navigation apps from anywhere on your phone. (Android only.)

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Daily and weekly reports let you analyze your performance and compare yourself to similar drivers in the area.

The home screen displays timely information about weather, airports, and events.

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At a Glance



Get real-time alerts about traffic, weather, events letting out, and more.

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Lyft Driver

Sean A.

Gridwise has been great for me. I now have a better idea when and where to drive and I'm earning at least $100 more a week because of it. If you are a rideshare driver, this is a must-have. Thanks!

It changed the way I operate because of the app's features, giving me a heads up on flights and events in the area. It also keeps track of my mileage for tax purposes. I highly recommend it.

Ellen D.

What Drivers Are Saying

Uber & Lyft Driver

Uber & Lyft Driver

Ellen D.

Munaji D.

I love how powerful yet simple it is. I love the ability to track my hours, miles, and earnings and see the weekly breakdown. Great for determining peak hours at airports with real-time queues. Fantastic app for drivers!

Munaji D.

Sean A.

CEO, Co-Founder

Jeremy Kanter

Ryan Green

Our mission is to empower rideshare drivers and help them earn more. As drivers ourselves, we understand the pains of rideshare driving and how to address them. We're passionate about building products that improve the inefficiencies of on-demand mobility.

CTO, Co-Founder

Anthony Corletti

Brian Finamore

Senior Product Designer

Lead Software Engineer

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