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Everything you need to know as a rideshare or delivery driver
Earnings, mileage, weather, tax deductions. I love using this app for Amazon Flex, Uber, and Lyft every day. It’s really helpful and useful for tax reporting.
This app streamlines my ability to track my mileage, earnings, and mileage deductions. Proving to be really necessary as I jump back and forth between driver platforms.
Very easy-to-use, with detailed information on mileage and earnings. Also has the option to export a tax report when your taxes are due!

If you've found yourself wondering…

Am I maximizing my tax deduction?

Am I earning more or less than other drivers in my area?

Which service is making me the most money?
How many passengers are flying into the airport?

Gridwise has you covered!

A graph showing miles driven each day of the week.

Track your mileage

Effortlessly track all of your rideshare and delivery miles and maximize your tax deduction

A pie chart comparing earnings across various rideshare and delivery services.

Analyze your earnings

Compare your earnings across rideshare and delivery services

Compare performance

Compare your performance to other drivers in the area who drive as much as you

A graph of passengers arriving at and departing from the airport.

Get to the airport when passengers are landing​

Decide if it's a good time to go to the airport based on the number of arriving and departing passengers

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