10 Must-Have (and Nice-to-Have) Items for Drivers – Own It Now & Pay Over Time!

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What are the items drivers need, and what are just nice to have? There are a few basic items we can’t do our jobs without – and some items that simply make our jobs easier and more fun, both in the car and at home.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the stuff drivers need and crave, and show you how to get them, even if you think you don’t have the cash or can’t get the credit to get them now. Here’s how it will go:

  • 5 must-have items
  • 5 nice-to-have things for your car- and beyond
  • Zebit: An easy way to buy today and pay over time for what you need…and what you want

5 must-have items

We’re giving you some general descriptions of here – but if you click on the links you’ll see the many choices available for all the items we mention.

  1. Tires. We can’t think of anything drivers need more than good tires. For one thing, rideshare and delivery drivers have their rubber meeting the road a lot more than most. Plus, if you get a flat tire, it can be a two-tire expense to ensure your car is aligned properly. Tires: do you need them? Oh, yeah. You bet! Need help affording them? Check out Zebit and pay over time without any hidden fees.
  2. Phone. This is the runner-up in must-haves, because without a decent smartphone, working is impossible! Unless you  find a deal that’s as rare as it is sweet, you’re probably going to pay a substantial amount of cash to get one that will do the things you need. Next to your car itself, a decent smartphone, along with a serviceable phone plan, will be among the most important assets you’ll invest in as a driver.
  3. Smartphone car mount. You can try to drive without a car mount for your phone, but it wouldn’t be very safe or convenient. A good smartphone car mount is secure and flexible, in that it sticks to the windshield or dash, and it can be adjusted within easy reach. You will touch that phone more as a driver than you thought possible, so having it will make a huge difference to your safety and productivity. Translation: you need to get a car mount!
  4. Protective mats. All it takes is one spill on a delivery run or a “whoops” moment from a drunk passenger in your back seat to remind you how important it is to protect your car’s floor. Match the color of your vehicle or buy some that show your team spirit. Loyalty is something you can count on from a nice set of mats – they’ll faithfully protect your car from damage and smells that just won’t go away.
  5. Media receiver. This one might not seem like a “must-have” but if your car’s system isn’t serving you well, you need to have one that gives you decent sound and reception that you can count on. Would you want to go for a rideshare trip without some decent tunes? Your passengers won’t either. And…if you’re delivering, you’ll be far less lonely if you have the ability to play music, podcasts, and sports broadcasts to keep you company while you’re driving around.

5 nice-to-have items

  1. Remote car starter. If you’ve ever sat in a car that’s cold enough to freeze your fingers or hot enough to burn your “buns,” you know why you’d want a remote car starter. From the comfort of your home, you can get the vehicle going, let the engine warm up, and allow the heat or A/C do its thing until the car reaches a reasonable level of climate comfort. Once purchased, this “nice-to-have” item becomes something you can’t live without.
  2. Radar detector. Who needs to get speeding tickets? No one, really, but when you drive for a living, you can’t afford to get them. A radar detector can make things much easier for you. They’re legal everywhere in the US except Washington, D.C. and Virginia, and you can’t use them on military bases – but the rest of the states are fair game. Your radar detector will pay for itself the first time it saves you from a 3-digit fine and a point on your insurance.
  3. TVs and appliances. While you don’t need a nice TV or any appliances in your vehicle, you do need them at home! These high-cost items are not always so easy to afford, but they are the kind of thing you might have to buy on the spur of the moment. No household is going to run very smoothly when a TV, refrigerator, or clothes dryer bites the dust. It’s good to know where you can get replacements, fast – and how you can find ways to afford the unexpected expense. Zebit is a great way to get them without stretching our budget – or credit – to the limit.
  4. Electronics. While some of us may think of electronics as a “must-have,” the truth is we don’t need a great gaming system, high-powered laptop, or our very own little drone to do our job. But…having these things makes our jobs a lot more fun, especially during downtime. The problem with electronics is, again…they’re pricey! Can we always afford them? In many cases, no. That’s why we recommend Zebit, an awesome way to get what you need, when you need it.
  1. Gift cards and gift items. Most of the time, drivers do well when it comes to pulling in money, but we all know that some months are better than others. When we have a slow month that happens to coincide with a gifting occasion, say a holiday, birthday, or special occasion, it’s hard to give the way we want. This is especially true when it comes to babies and children. Try telling a tot that the tipping was slow last month, and that’s why they can’t have the boots they wanted for their birthday! It’s nice to be able to give gifts, and with fluctuations in earnings, we need to find ways that make it easy.

Zebit: An easy way buy what you need…and what you want

For both the must-have and nice-to-have items in our lives, money is always a factor. With things as they are these days, it’s not easy to get or maintain a high enough credit rating to finance big purchases such as the ones we’ve mentioned here. What can you do when you need tires, or a child you love just has to get the latest video game console – and you’re suffering from “funds-are-low” syndrome?

You won’t want to apply for yet another credit card, particularly if you’re going to have it ding your credit score. You won’t want to go without these things, either, and now…you don’t have to!

Zebit is here to rescue you when you need help getting the things you want. Pay for big ticket items over time, without any hidden fees! With Zebit, you could get a max of $2,500 in credit to shop Zebit’s site containing thousands of products, so you can get the important things you need…and some stuff you just want, too.

Shop for what you want on the Zebit site, and if approved, use your credit from Zebit to pay over time.

When you can’t pay in full for large purchases, then make them through Zebit. Worried about applying and getting hit on your FICO score? Don’t.  Zebit’s application process is easy. Zebit verifies your information using certain specialty credit reporting agencies, which does not pull or affect your FICO score. They simply verify your identity and your income. 

Register for Zebit today and you could get the purchasing power you need to buy your must-have and nice-to-have items without hidden fees! Do you have an item that you really need or want to buy? Sign up – and you could get it with Zebit today!

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