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Case Study: How a courier company rapidly expanded their fleet at a low driver acquisition cost


“I loved it, it was super fast and super efficient.”

What Is Curri? 

Curri is a new innovator in the world of goods delivery. Specializing in construction and industrial supplies delivery, Curri focuses on the B2B side of the industry. They’ve described themselves as “the Uber for construction material delivery” and “a one-stop-shop construction delivery service with flatbeds, trucks and cars available for hotshot, scheduled, daily routes and LTL/FTL deliveries.”

Drivers who use the Curri app perform a wide range of services, including: 

  • Picking up and transporting items that need prompt deliveries 
  • Returning pick-ups from customers 
  • Doing branch transfers 
  • Handling multiple pick-up and drop-off deliveries 
  • Recurring multi-stop deliveries, known as “Daily Routes”

Curri offers itself to drivers as an alternative to rideshare or food delivery. The recurring “Daily Routes” and long-distance deliveries can ensure a consistent and reliable stream of income for drivers – something neither rideshare driving nor food delivery can always provide.


As a relative newcomer to the delivery scene, Curri is seeking to expand its driver base and quickly start fulfilling orders. But it has stiff competition from well-established competitors like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash, just to name a few. In fact, the market is saturated with employment opportunities for drivers. 

Curri needed a way to advertise to drivers while keeping driver acquisition cost low. They’d been advertising using Facebook, Google Ads, and Indeed, but weren’t seeing the results they wanted. Also, their driver acquisition cost across the three platforms was high. 

Then a Curri sales representative came across a Gridwise Facebook ad featuring Gridwise’s advertising services. When he brought it up to his team, they knew they were on to something.


Gridwise knows their target audience extremely well and is able to connect with them in a way that gets their attention. Through the Gridwise app, drivers can be targeted by region and by demographic. The Gridwise team has experience with crafting compelling emails, banners, and ads for both specifically targeted and national audiences. 

Alice Warnier, the Growth Marketing Manager at Curri, headed up the project along with Alex and Clay on the Gridwise Brand Partnership team. She deeply appreciated the cost-effective solutions and the quick turnaround time for deliverables. Alice was especially happy with the messaging that Gridwise created for the Curri emails and ads.  

“They really understood what we wanted and what we needed the tone of the brand voice to be.”


Within 10 days, Alex and Clay had campaigns for Alice up and running. The Gridwise content team designed ads, emails, in-app banners, and a blog post to encourage drivers to sign up with Curri. 

The campaigns were a huge and instant success. 

“By advertising with Gridwise, our CPA was better than Facebook’s!” 

Gridwise was able to help Curri meet and exceed their initial conversions goal within the first week of the campaigns being launched. Additionally, Curri kept their cost per acquisition well under their original threshold. Hundreds of drivers downloaded the app within 20 days of the launch.  

Alice and the rest of the Curri team look forward to growing their fleet as Gridwise continues to expand its user base.


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