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Case Study: How Gridwise helped a research company leverage the diverse Gridwise driver audience


It was seamless, they kept on top of everything, and it was so easy to get onboarded and start seeing results!

– Jennifer Parker, Panel Recruiting Manager for ACOP


Gridwise recently partnered with American Consumer Opinion, a global market research firm that helps its clients, including a variety of Fortune 500 Companies, gather feedback on new offerings and advertising messaging. American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) manages a survey panel of people from all different backgrounds, ethnicities, and locations to gather unique insights. The company is constantly looking for qualified members to staff their panel, which provides feedback on products through testing, online surveys, and focus groups. 

The demographics of gig drivers are also extremely diverse, making the Gridwise audience an ideal fit as panelists. The brand partnerships team noticed the alignment between the two companies and recognized the opportunity for Gridwise users to make extra money, and proactively reached out. 

Jennifer Parker, the Panel Recruiting Manager at ACOP, set up an intro meeting with the Gridwise team to discuss a potential approach to a campaign and was impressed by their preparedness and range of advertisement placement offerings. 

The team showed all of the examples of everything they were going to do to promote us, which was amazing!”


The Gridwise team felt strongly that ACOP’s value proposition would resonate with their drivers based on the response to other earning opportunities, so they crafted a strategic campaign, mapping back to their client’s acquisition goals. 

Gridwise users are located all over the country and their demographics are extremely varied in age, education, interests, and buying behavior. These vast differences can be especially valuable to ACOP as the panelists can qualify for multiple studies. 

The ACOP team leaned on Gridwise’s expertise in creating effective messaging and partnered to launch content across several different channels with a goal of onboarding a target number of new panelists.

Action plan 

To achieve this goal, Clay Moore and Alex Egan, Gridwise’s brand partnerships team,  headed up the initiative. Alex took point on coordinating in-app ads, email content, a dedicated blog post, and even social media retargeting.

“Our best performing campaigns make a point of reaching drivers across different media, at different points of their daily journey as a driver,” said Alex, “…and we were confident this offering could be a hit with our drivers – so it was up to us to make that a reality.”

To ensure the campaign was quick to drive results, Alex and Clay quickly designed unique in-app display ads, which were approved and launched the same week. In the meantime, the content team began drafting the long-form direct response channels such as blog and email to help tell the compelling story of how drivers can supplement their driving income by becoming an ACOP panelist. 

ACOP had never targeted the gig worker audience, so Jennifer felt she was taking a gamble – and she hit the jackpot. “I was really nervous at first, but once the first email blast went out, it clicked for me,” Jennifer says, “because the audience is so engaged; they really are reading the emails and the blog posts. And the way the team interacted with me was really reassuring.”

“I could tell that the team had really done their research when creating content for us, they nailed the messaging!” 


By the end of the first 3-month phase of the campaign, ACOP had received almost double the target number of signups, with conversion rates higher than any other marketing channel. The team’s strategy for targeting Gridwise users resulted in drivers responding enthusiastically to the company’s value proposition, leading to a $10 acquisition cost per panelist, below ACOP’s original goal.

Jennifer is excited to continue working with the Gridwise team, leveraging new placements to acquire even more panel members, while maintaining the low acquisition cost as her campaign continues. 

“I was really impressed with all the different locations in the app where we would be placed in the sponsorship plan, and they checked in on us regularly….it was a holistic experience from beginning to end.” 


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