the Gridwise Ads platform is turning rideshare drivers into students and coders

Case Study: How the Gridwise Ads platform is turning rideshare drivers into students and coders


Today is the last day of my orientation week at my coding Bootcamp. I am over the freaking moon.

This is just what I needed, this is going to change my life. – Kurt F. Lyft Driver

When opposites attract

Why would a coding Bootcamp want to attract rideshare and delivery drivers?

Society doesn’t generally see rideshare and delivery drivers as the tech-savvy millennials or Gen Zers that we would usually associate with a coding Bootcamp.

So why have multiple coding Bootcamps reported record low cost per application when using Gridwise to reach rideshare and delivery drivers?

At Gridwise, we’ve learned that rideshare and delivery drivers come in many forms. They’re moms, dads, retirees, college kids, budding entrepreneurs, career changers, and dreamers

But most importantly, we’ve learned that they’re eager and ambitious people that are ready to roll their sleeves up and work for the future they want. 

And as it turns out, a lot of them want to learn to code.


Coding Bootcamps are all the rage right now… and that’s a blessing and a curse for Bootcamps. 

Sure, there is more demand than ever for efficient ways to launch a career in tech, however, there is also more competition than ever.

Each coding Bootcamp that approached Gridwise shared the challenge of driving down their cost per application, and cost per new student and some had to do so in the midst of a pandemic.

For these Bootcamps, Facebook campaigns may have yielded cheap leads, they were also low converting leads that rarely resulted in applications and with Google Ads costs skyrocketing, these camps often were stuck paying much more than they would have liked per new student.

However, each one of these companies individually found Gridwise and found a repeatable source of students, not just leads.

The Gridwise Approach 

When you work with Gridwise, you’re not just given access to more than 120,000 drivers. You’re hiring a team of marketers and designers that are the world’s leading experts in engaging rideshare drivers who are dedicated to ensuring the success of your campaign. 

So before beginning to work with Gridwise, each one of these coding Bootcamps sat down with their Gridwise Account Management team to develop a multi-channel marketing campaign designed to engage and nurture active rideshare drivers around their unique value propositions.

These campaigns included in-app banner and card ads, custom emails to all Gridwise drivers, and partner network regargeting to give each coding Bootcamp the broadest reach and lowest acquisition cost for their campaigns.

Gridwise’s marketing and design experts then helped each coding Bootcamp create, implement, and rapidly A/B test several ad designs that produced results almost immediately.

The Results

By creating customized marketing strategies that included email, in-app ads, and some blog posts, Gridwise was able to yield the following results for our education partners. 

Education Company 1

  • 6.37% email click-through rate
  • 17.78% landing page conversion rate

Education Company 2

  • 5.72% email click-through rate
  • 21.05% landing page conversion rate

Education Company 3

  • 7.88% email click through rate
  • 27.23% landing page conversion rate

Education Company 4

  • 6.30% email click through rate
  • 41.67% landing page conversion rate

With the industry standard for average email click-through rate at about 2.5%, the results we saw for every education company we worked with was amazing. All of these companies leveraged smart ad creative to engage rideshare drivers across every medium possible which ultimately resulted in a sustained boost in conversion for a low investment.

What’s Next? 

As we continue to learn more about the inspiring people who make up the Gridwise community, we’ll keep working closely with our education partners. It’s our goal to expand on what we’ve learned and to increase awareness of continuing education offerings for our rideshare and delivery drivers. 

Despite the impact of COVID-19 on the rideshare community, the Gridwise audience is consistently turning to the app for ways to maximize their earnings and stay connected. Learn more about how you can get in front of our audience of amazing individuals by advertising with Gridwise here.


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