Reshape Mobility Together: Join Gridwise at MOVE America 2023 in Austin

Gridwise will be at Move America 2023 as a sponsor and attendee

Gridwise is Proud to Sponsor and Attend MOVE America 2023 in Austin

We are happy to announce that we will be a sponsor and an attendee for MOVE America 2023, held next month in Austin, Texas. As a leading provider of analytics and solutions for the gig mobility sector, Gridwise recognizes MOVE America as the premier event to engage with our industry peers.

The Importance Gridwise at Move America 2023

MOVE America is more than just a conference—it’s a melting pot where industry leaders, startups, tech innovators, and governmental organizations come together to discuss, dissect, and pave the future of mobility. From ridesharing and electric vehicles to smart cities and last-mile delivery solutions, MOVE America covers it all.

We are excited to be participants and sponsors of an event that seeks to shape the future of sustainable mobility. As a company whose products are motivated and designed around the people we serve, it makes sense for us to lean into opportunities and events that focus on the longevity and sustainability of our industry. It’s our goal to be contributors and glean insights that can help Gridwise further shape the future of sustainable mobility. 

Gridwise: A Trusted Insights Partner in Gig Mobility

Gridwise is not just attending MOVE America 2023 to learn; we’re there to share our deep insights as a trusted business companion to over 450,000 drivers across the Gig Mobility ecosystem. With our advanced analytics, real-time data, and tailor-made solutions, we offer insights that are unparalleled and unavailable anywhere else.

Our platform empowers gig drivers with actionable data, helping them make the most of their time on the road. 

Brands seeking to connect with this dynamic workforce also benefit from our vast advertising network, specifically designed to reach Gig drivers effectively. 

Other enterprise partners like the major gig services, autonomous vehicle companies, EV charging companies, data platforms, financial services, and many others find unique value in our insights and market intelligence.

Collaborations Across Industries

Whether it’s logistics, food delivery, or ridesharing companies, we have proven use cases that demonstrate the value we bring to the table. Our multi-faceted approach allows us to be the go-to solution for anyone looking to understand, navigate, or capitalize on the Gig Mobility sector.

Why We’re Excited

MOVE America 2023 gives us an unprecedented opportunity to interact with other leaders, understand market needs, and, most importantly—showcase how Gridwise can add value to various stakeholders. 

We’ll be sharing our insights throughout the conference and via one-on-one interactions. Attendees will learn how Gridwise:

  • Helps Gig drivers maximize earnings through intelligent data.
  • Provides companies with a direct channel to engage with a growing and active gig driver community.
  • Offer advanced analytics solutions to partners for tangible business operations and strategy improvements.

We’re not just participating; we’re setting the stage for what the future of Gig Mobility will look like. So, if you will be at MOVE America 2023, you can find us at booth #1548 or schedule time with us here. We look forward to discussing how Gridwise can partner with you and your company to drive the future of mobility and enable constructive dialogue with fellow attendees.

We remain committed to advancing intelligent mobility through informed perspectives and innovative solutions. We believe MOVE America will lead to future partnerships to pursue that shared goal. Our team looks forward to connecting with industry peers at MOVE America.

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