Building a Fleet of Active Rideshare Drivers Without Breaking the Bank

Case Study: Building a Fleet of Active Rideshare Drivers Without Breaking the Bank


What is Wrapify?

Wrapify is a performance-driven ad platform that is combining its omnichannel ad tech platform with the gig economy to help brands turbocharge their out-of-home advertising performance while putting cash back into the hands of rideshare drivers

Brands like Google, eBay, Microsoft, and other Fortune 500 companies leverage Wrapify to launch, measure, and scale omnichannel ad campaigns nationwide. 150,000+ drivers leverage the Wrapify app to get connected to campaigns and earn extra income for the miles they already drive.


“We need to get the most bang for our advertising dollar” – Jenny Gensch, Marketing Manager – Wrapify

Wrapify is an awesome way for drivers to maximize their income without changing how or when they drive. Drivers can simply get their car wrapped with an advertisement from one of Wrapify’s Fortune 500 clients and drive as they normally would. Unfortunately, engaging with rideshare drivers on a low-cost medium at scale can be difficult.

“We need to be able to quickly reach drivers in various markets depending on our client’s business needs,” says Jenny Gensch “So we need to quickly and efficiently reach active rideshare drivers who drive thousands of miles per month.”

Jenny and her team at Wrapify were diligently testing every channel they could from Facebook, to Word of Mouth, and even Radio Advertising to reach drivers. “We’re testing every platform that we can, but too much of our spend is wasted on deaf ears,” said Jenny. “It’s just hard to target rideshare drivers.”

So when Jenny came across Gridwise, a platform tailor-made to reach active rideshare drivers, she didn’t hesitate to reach out.


Our email campaign saw almost a 10% CTR… That’s about double what we usually see, and those clicks converted. Jenny Gensch, Marketing Manager – Wrapify

Gridwise has an in-house team of digital marketers who are experts in engaging rideshare drivers that worked diligently to build Wrapify’s marketing campaigns.

The Gridwise team worked with Wrapify to understand their product offering and their needs, and then develop a cross channel marketing campaign designed to reach, engage, and nurture the most active rideshare drivers.

Wrapify’s campaign kicked off with in-app banner ads, Card ads, and a placement in Gridwise’s promos tab.

Shortly after Wrapify’s in-app ads launched, Gridwise developed a dedicated email written by our in-house creative content team that was sent to thousands of Gridwise users across the United States. This email saw a 41% open rate, a 10% click-through rate and was a key component of their launch strategy.

“The email absolutely crushed it” said Jenny “We’ve never seen email engagement quite like that and it REALLY moved the needle for us.


“Gridwise has been a huge boost for us. It really is the best marketing channel to reach rideshare drivers.” Jenny Gensch, Marketing Manager – Wrapify

40%+ open rate and 10%+ CTR on email campaign

3.59% in-app ad click-through rate

Wrapify immediately felt the benefits of working with a team experienced in engaging rideshare drivers. “We loved working with the Gridwise team! Not only were the results amazing, but they went above and beyond to help us craft a message that resonated with drivers. They even built a few creatives for us!” said Jenny. “As we expand, we’re definitely going to leaning on Gridwise to help us with driver engagement.”

Their campaign included:

  • Inline card ads
  • Banner Ads
  • In-App Promos
  • Earnings report promos
  • Dedicated Email Campaign


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