Leveraging industry experts to generate leads in the hyper-competitive financial services industry

Case Study: Leveraging industry experts to generate leads in the hyper-competitive financial services industry


“The human element was key to us. We’re not experts when it comes to advertising to gig-drivers, but Clay and the Gridwise team were!” – Gridwise Client, stealth startup


Launching a new product in the hyper-competitive insurance industry can be a daunting task, especially when your target audience is a highly specialized demographic like rideshare drivers. That’s why this insurance startup decided to work with the Gridwise team. Not only were they able to engage our network of 100k rideshare drivers, but they also benefited from our expertise to build a multi-channel campaign designed to drive long-term, bottom of the funnel success. Not just clicks.


This client had enjoyed some success working with Google and Facebook ads, but as time went on, it became harder to reach their target demographic of rideshare drivers. More and more of their ads on these networks were falling on deaf ears.

Being a startup, it was essential to maximize every advertising dollar in the targeted effort to reach rideshare drivers.

The clients were looking for solutions that would allow them to work directly with rideshare drivers, and through a Techstars listing, they learned about Gridwise. Knowing they could call and get answers to their many questions was a load off their minds.

“It was difficult for us to understand all the advertising terms we came across, so we spent about two weeks trying, on our own, to decipher what was being offered. Once we talked to the Gridwise team, the whole process got way easier than dealing with Google or Facebook.” – Gridwise Client


It’s great that Gridwise put this client in direct contact with our targeted audience, but what’s even better is how we did it. We shared our expertise as digital marketers to help the client engage rideshare drivers and create a successful campaign. Our work together is ongoing, but even in the early stages, the results are positive.

“We noticed a huge wave of traffic coming through Gridwise after the email was sent out.” – Gridwise Client

A multi-channel advertising campaign worked well for this startup, and the custom-written email was particularly effective. The startup didn’t have the in-house resources to produce the kind of creative content that grabs eyeballs and gets to hearts and minds.

Gridwise stepped up and put together the valuable creative needed to get the clients the attention they were looking for. Right away, the conversion rate surpassed what they were getting through Google, and broke even with their results from Facebook.

The clients are looking at a blog post as one of their next steps. This would, naturally, be a potent way to get even more exposure. Using the right words in a blog post boosts SEO, giving any company a greater chance of expanding its audience at almost no cost.

“We are able to crush it from SEO through blog posts. Using these as part of your multichannel approach is going to pump up your chances for success.” – Clay Moore, Growth Lead, Gridwise

It’s this kind of advice, from a real human expert, that makes the experience of working with Gridwise superior to dealing with Google, Facebook, and other large companies that don’t give clients direct answers to their questions.

Clay has spent a great deal of time speaking with the clients regarding overall marketing strategy, often using Gridwise and its efforts to expand as an example. He shared many of the insights he had gained from his digital marketing experience.

Chief among these is to put a bigger emphasis on the creative. Gridwise helped the client to design ads and come up with taglines, crafting a more out-of-the-box approach, but there’s so much more that can be done. 

When the client noticed that response to ads was gradually dwindling over days and weeks, Clay expressed the need to switch up the creative from time to time. There’s a lot of “ad fatigue” that happens with rideshare drivers, as with all audiences. It’s important to keep sending messages that look and sound fresh and on-point.

This company would also benefit from using Gridwise app ads. The Gridwise app caters to rideshare drivers, and the client could be assured their ads would be seen by people in their target audience. 


“Clay and the team were able to help us with CPC, which is great.” – Gridwise Client

While this company is still in the early stages of working with Gridwise, the results are already apparent—and impressive. Conversion rates from the email Gridwise created for the client competed with Facebook and surpassed the Google ads they had placed in the past. In addition, the CPC came down to reasonable levels as a result of the work of Clay and his team.

By continuing to work directly with the experts at Gridwise, the startup will likely continue to see its numbers grow and its influence expand. The experience of working with experts who actually responded to calls for help was a new and very soothing experience for this client. 

“The Gridwise Team was amazingly responsive to our questions.” – Gridwise Client

The world of online marketing can be complex, unwieldy, and expensive. A startup like this one has to impress investors with its ability to be effective and economical. Gridwise can definitely assist in meeting these goals.

Investors also like to see numbers—good ones. Gridwise is able to assist this client and all others in tabulating results from ads through the Gridwise Dashboard. 

“The Dashboard was very straightforward. We learned more and more about it as we worked with it, too.” – Gridwise Client

Ease of use and the ability to get questions answered by a real human expert who will sit down long enough to understand your business makes working with Gridwise as easy as it is beneficial. Gridwise marketing experts know their business, and can help you drive yours.

The real power of carrying the message doesn’t always rest with the biggest brand. It can be easier and more fruitful to work with a specialized, market-specific team whose hands-on experts can help guide a company through a successful and lucrative ad campaign.

Are you ready to boost your results and get a grip on a solid population of rideshare drivers? Contact Gridwise. We’re here to help you.


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