Low-cost driver recruitment with the flip of a switch

Case Study: Low-cost driver recruitment with the flip of a switch


Who is Veyo?

Veyo is revolutionizing the non-emergency transportation industry with a technology-first approach to patient transportation that leverages rideshare drivers alongside traditional medical transportation options. Built for the healthcare industry and designed for the broad needs of health plan memberships, their end-to-end solution offers unmatched service quality, transparency, and efficiencies for all regions and all modes.

Their platform presents a unique opportunity for rideshare drivers in the Phoenix and Orange County markets to maximize their earnings during otherwise slow daytime hours.


It’s pretty simple, we needed an efficient way to help scale driver acquisition. – Sarah Kuntsal, Director of Marketing at Veyo

Veyo’s tech-driven approach to medical transportation has caught on quickly and growth has skyrocketed, so the driver growth team at Veyo is constantly searching for efficient driver acquisition channels. “Driver acquisition isn’t cheap or easy,” says Sarah Kuntsal. “And since we’re completing more than 8,000 trips a day in just a single market, we need driver acquisition more than ever.”

So when Sarah started talking to the team at Gridwise, a platform tailor-made for driver acquisition, she was excited about the possibilities.


When you work with Gridwise, you’re not just given access to 60,000 drivers. You’re hiring a  team of marketers and designers that are the world’s leading experts in engaging rideshare drivers who are dedicated to ensuring the success of your campaign. 

So before beginning to work with Gridwise, Sarah and the team at Veyo worked with the Gridwise Account Management team to develop a multi-channel marketing campaign designed to engage and nurture active rideshare drivers around Veyo’s unique value proposition.

The Gridwise and Veyo teams agreed that a campaign which included in-app banner and card ads, a custom blog post, a custom email to all Gridwise drivers, and static email ads would give Veyo the highest volume and lowest acquisition cost for their campaigns.

Gridwise’s marketing and design experts then helped Veyo create, implement, and rapidly A/B test several ad designs that produced results almost immediately.


120+ driver registrations at an industry-leading $15 per driver in less than 2 months

In a world where the giant transportation network companies pay as much as $300-$400 to acquire a new driver, Veyo immediately saw acquisition costs at a fraction of that. 

In less than two months, Veyo was registering high-quality drivers for just $15 per driver.

Their campaign included:

  • Inline card ads
  • Banner Ads
  • In-App Promos
  • Earnings report promos
  • Blog Post

“We love to see the low acquisition costs, but it was also awesome to work with Clay and the Gridwise team,” says Sarah Kuntsal, Director of Marketing at Veyo. “They really understand the rideshare industry, so they were able to help us create designs and messaging that resonated and drove results!”


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