Gridwise Ads to drive qualified applications

How this credit card giant is using Gridwise Ads to drive qualified applications


“Gridwise knew exactly what options would best help us achieve our goals. Their responsiveness, transparency, and results made them one of our top two favorite partners to work with throughout Q4.”

– Senior Media Buyer

Gridwise recently worked with one of the largest providers of credit cards for retail outlets and other brands. Its history reaches back to the Great Depression, when a major retail bank was created to offer customers the ability to purchase GE appliances on a line of credit.

In 2014 the credit card provider was spun off from that bank. Now, the provider seeks to serve a variety of communities with credit cards that allow consumers to acquire the goods and services they need on a line of credit.

The credit card provider works alongside a full-service digital advertising agency that blends strategy, technology, media, and creative together to motivate audiences to action and achieve amazing results. With offices in California, Toronto, and Liverpool, England—and over fifteen years under its belt—the agency has handpicked the boldest, brightest minds in marketing, design, strategy, and analytics.

So when the credit card provider needed to execute a forward-thinking digital marketing campaign, it went to the agency. And the agency turned to Gridwise.

The Challenge

The credit card provider recently developed a product that’s perfect for individuals with high vehicle utilization (read: Uber drivers). Naturally, the provider wanted to reach as many rideshare drivers as possible. 

The agency’s Senior Media Buyer, had previously tested various paid acquisition platforms in an effort to reach drivers. All too often, the message missed the mark because the agency was unable to isolate rideshare drivers.

That changed when the Senior Media Buyer connected with Clay from Gridwise and they started discussing a potential partnership.

Our Approach

Although Gridwise is a relatively new and rapidly growing company, we understand the rideshare driver market inside and out, and are familiar with the best ways to reach this population. For the credit card campaign, the Senior Media Buyer and Clay decided a multifaceted approach would be the best way to go. 

“[We’re] especially excited to work with Gridwise because it’s a new and vibrant company. Extra enticement got tossed into the mix because Gridwise has the perfect device to reach [our] target market: an app that will be consistently accessed by people who must work with apps to conduct their business.

– Senior Media Buyer


The first push was an email sent to 35,000 Gridwise users. This is a tactic that rideshare drivers were already comfortable with which the Gridwise folks knew from previous campaigns. The email was partially effective, but the rest of the campaign was what made the Gridwise approach so powerful.

Gridwise knew that a blog post was the perfect placement for the credit card provider’s ad, especially a blog that informed rideshare drivers about the essentials of car maintenance.

The Senior Media Buyer was extremely impressed with how Gridwise paid attention to the client’s brand guidelines and made sure the look and feel of all the ads and banners were in sync with those guidelines.

Since Gridwise notifications are delivered via an app that drivers open multiple times on any given day, it made sense to use banner ads and in-app offers to get the right message to the right people. This was probably the most effective part of the campaign strategy, resulting in CTRs in the double digits.


The Senior Media Buyer and her team produced impressive results for their client by working with Gridwise. Capturing the attention of rideshare drivers in-app provided new avenues to deliver the credit card provider’s message and showcase its brand. 

Featured promos and the promo listing were helpful. But they were not as productive as the features that only Gridwise could offer because its app serves as a nationwide delivery platform.

Gridwise not only delivered the numbers we wanted for our client, the people were super-easy to deal with and the process was seamless. Their flexibility in working with various iterations and revisions in ad copy and blog content was amazing, gracious, and highly professional.”

– Senior Media Buyer

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