Introducing Gridwise Sponsorships

Introducing Gridwise Sponsorships: Promote your brand and support the rideshare and delivery driver community.


Gridwise is the rideshare and delivery driver’s constant companion. 

We tell them what’s going on at the airport, what events are taking place in town, and what the weather is like. We help them track their income, mileage, and other crucial driving stats. We constantly send out information about dealing with COVID-19, the gig economy, and all the issues that are of concern to drivers. 

They like to hear from us…and we also hear a lot from them.

And lately, so many drivers have told us how COVID-19 has made it pretty tough to keep doing what they do. 

Some are looking for new ways to protect them from infection. Many have hustled to combine rideshare and delivery work into one shift, while others are looking for more and different ways to make money.

At Gridwise, we like to give everybody something they can use and value, so we make it our business to score a win-win in all that we do. That’s why we came up with our new sponsorship program

We’re pretty pumped about it, and we know you will be, too!

Prime product placement

This new sponsorship opportunity provides exposure for your brand, placement with a high-value, targeted audience, and lots of flexibility. 

As an added bonus, it gives you a chance to do something nice for drivers. Here’s the plan:

  1. You place your brand on any Gridwise delivery platform – a tab on the app, a blog article, a video, or a social post. 
  2. You choose to reach our nationwide audience, or to target a particular city or region.
  3. You reach rideshare and delivery drivers who are looking for new products, services, and education options that will make their lives better, like yours!
  4. You get tons of new business.
  5. Gridwise donates 10% of your sponsorship fee to the Gridwise Giveback Program and sends it back to drivers in the form of discounts on gas!

That’s our idea of a win-win, for sure.

Here’s what your sponsorship placement might look like:

Pretty cool, right?

Our eye-catching, interest-grabbing, and “sticky” content gives you a chance to be seen by the driver community in ways you may not have thought possible. Then, when we announce how you’re contributing to our Gridwise gas giveaways, they’re going to know you really want to help them out.

What’s so special about being a sponsor with Gridwise?

There’s a lot to be said for Gridwise, but let’s start with how easy it is to target the markets you want. You can sponsor a tab that relates to your business, such as Events, the Airports, or Earnings. Our Perks included the Gridwise blog and links to offers that drivers need and use. 

You can choose the geographic areas you want to target, or take in the entire country. Gridwise has more than 100,000 active rideshare and delivery drivers among its users, and is available in 40+ metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Gridwise is used by drivers who work for multiple platforms. That means that whether they’re driving for one of the big rideshare companies or toting around food or grocery deliveries, they’ll see your ad on the Gridwise app!

There are many voices out there, trying to grab the attention of drivers. Because we always put them first and foremost among our priorities, drivers trust Gridwise as an unbiased source they can count on. That means they’ll see your brand that way, as well.

These are difficult times, to be sure, but we can all win when we pull together and make things happen for the people who get us around.

Get in touch with your Gridwise account representative, learn a little more about all our advertising opportunities, and claim your space in our sponsorship program today!


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