DC Sports Stadiums and Arenas


As a rideshare driver, understanding the ins and outs of DC sports stadiums and arenas can help you to capitalize on surge pricing and ultimately bring in more money at the end of the day.

While the large DC venues like FedEx Field, Nationals Park, RFK Stadium, and the Verizon Center that host thousands of people may seem like an easy way to find passengers, big events can often be an enigma for many rideshare drivers. See, with major events like concerts or a Washington Redskins game, The Rideshare Guy explains that it can become difficult to locate passengers as thousands of people drunkenly attempt to locate their drivers.

What’s even more frustrating for rideshare drivers is the number of potential customers that will request a driver from the middle of the Verizon Center, for example. The Wizards just claimed victory and in all of the excitement, people will request a driver right then and there. Of course, they expect you to predict where they will exit from the venue and to arrive there promptly in order to escort them to the after party. Plus, with all of the other drivers hoping to profit from the crowds at DC sports stadiums and arenas, there’s bound to be traffic. Quite honestly, this can all lead to a headache if you don’t have the right strategy in place.

To make driving passengers to and from DC sports stadiums and arenas less of a headache and more profitable, we’ve outlined some simple tips you can follow during your next drive:

  1. Take advantage of tailgating and pre-game functions that will start a few hours before the game.Redskins fans, along with most other sports fans, enjoy a cold beer and good barbecue to kick off their game day. During the pregame hours, rides will originate from a wider area with people trying to get closer to the game. Many potential clients will be coming from house parties, bars, hotels, and popular areas. Even though the demand is more spread out, you can still use this time to make some extra money.
  2. Use the Gridwise app to receive real-time alerts on game updates and end times.Upon downloading the Gridwise app, you’ll be able to easily navigate the Events and End time Updates feature in the bottom menu of the app. This feature lists all local events along with their start/end times and a status that tells you if the event is in progress. Plus, this feature can notify you if a game goes into overtime, for example, giving you the opportunity to squeeze in a few extra rides before heading to the stadium or arena. By monitoring this list, you can be ready at the pickup spot before the event actually ends.
  3. Determine if your service has designated pickup locations.Another aspect of being ready to pick up your passengers outside DC sports stadiums and arenas is to determine if your service has designated pickup locations. Uber offers tips for drivers on how to beat the traffic at popular DC venues, including the Verizon Center, FedEx Field, and Nationals Park. For example, since Uber has partnered with the Washington Redskins to make it easy to catch a ride to and from games at FedExField, there are specific locations called Uber Zones for all dropoffs and pickups to occur. This makes it easier for both the driver and the rider because the areas are clearly marked and easy to locate. Similarly, Uber has suggested pickup points for the Verizon Center and Nationals Park.
  4. Call your passengers to coordinate your exit strategy.It is not recommended to wait at the entrance before the event ends. While you will benefit from the surge priced trip, you may become trapped by the flood of pedestrians exiting the event. Try to park a few blocks away in an area where you will still get a request from the stadium or arena, but where you can avoid much of the traffic. Then, once you have arrived at your pickup position, call your client to coordinate your exit strategy. This is crucial because people will often make a request and then start walking away from the event, which can lead to confusion. By calling your potential passengers, you can figure out their current location and coordinate the best place for pickup.

Along with implementing these tips for your drives to and from DC sports stadiums and arenas, it’s always important to remain calm, patient, and flexible amidst the chaos of these large events. You’ll most likely have to deal with passengers that have been drinking, which can make communication a challenge. Try to be patient and remember that if a ride falls through there will still be a plethora of other riders exiting the game and searching for a driver.

Plus, by using the Gridwise platform you can have an edge over the competition by staying updated on the game’s end time along with real-time traffic and weather alerts.

Download the Gridwise app to get ready for gameday and start making your drives to and from DC sports stadiums and arenas more profitable!


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