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Gridwise is Now Available in DC


Navigating through Washington DC as a rideshare driver is now easier than it has ever been. Following the successful launch campaign and integration into Pittsburgh, Gridwise is now available for users in the DC market. With further growth on the horizon, the team at Gridwise hopes to eliminate driver inefficiency in the nation’s capital.

About Gridwise

Gridwise is an intelligence platform specifically designed for use by rideshare drivers. Pertinent information for drivers is easily accessible through the user-friendly platform. The intention is to improve driver efficiency (and earnings) by giving you access to demand-based insights. With this wealth of information, you are enabled to increase your awareness of high-demand opportunities, resulting in increased performance over time. Whether you drive for Uber, Lyft, Curb, or some other transportation network company (TNC), Gridwise is an incredible resource to make your rideshare driving experience more meaningful and fruitful.


These are the key Gridwise features you can use right from launch that can help you to become a more efficient rideshare driver:

Driver Dashboard

This is the first thing you see when you open the app. The driver dashboard conveniently places relevant driver information at your fingertips. This information is ever-evolving with continuous updates on where the demand for rideshare drivers will be.

DC is a densely-populated city, full to the brim with new events happening frequently. The Gridwise interface within the driver dashboard displays the market insight you need in a convenient and useful fashion.

Events Calendar

Events tend to attract high value fares, especially if there’s a large number of people present. It seems natural, then, that there may be a surge from larger clusters of demand. For many of the relevant events in the DC and Baltimore metro areas, Gridwise provides a 7-day calendar with start/end times and the location for any event in question. No need to scour the internet for clues on where and when to be anymore!

Airport Traffic

Just like you don’t have to go through the entire internet to find event info, you also don’t need to search through airport-specific mobile apps to look up individual airline traffic. With Gridwise, airport traffic information is all available in one centralized location.

Arrival and departure peaks are central to great airport driver strategies, because they dictate when the highest rideshare demand will be. Gridwise gives you insight into passenger peaks up to 6 hours in advance, making it extremely beneficial to those who do not wish to wait in long Uber and Lyft queues.

Real Time Alerts

Distracted driving, including talking on the phone, texting, or simply reaching for your phone while your hand is on the wheel, is an extremely dangerous practice. More than 8 people a day are killed in accidents that involve a distracted driver, and around 1160 more are injured. As a rideshare driver, you have to be alert to the road. Just the same, a non-trivial part of being a rideshare driver involves looking at your phone and responding to passenger requests.

Gridwise takes driver safety seriously. With real-time alerts around airport demand, events, road conditions, etc., you can receive pertinent information in a hands-free fashion while out on a shift.

Driver Taskbar

Do you drive for more than one rideshare company, like both Uber and Lyft? You likely use Google Maps or Apple Maps to help you navigate when you’re on shift, at least.

The driver taskbar capability lets the user conveniently bounce back and forth between different driver tools, like navigation, driver services and the rideshare apps themselves. This feature is available for drivers with an Android device.

How Gridwise Helps DC Drivers

DC rideshare drivers work in some of the most inconvenient driving conditions compared with other American cities. As a rideshare driver, have you ever just driven around Georgetown aimlessly to look for surges? Perhaps you’ve been stuck in traffic while driving to pick up a passenger from a concert (the DC metro area has the most traffic congestion nationwide) and wished that you could’ve avoided all of the stress. Then there are the road closures that happen around the city for special events, such as the Presidential inauguration. There are frequent marches and rallies that back up roads and make certain areas inaccessible by car. Even if you are completely up-to-date with local events, you could’ve benefitted from having the surge, event and traffic information ahead of time.

That’s where Gridwise comes in. Use the features and tools available through Gridwise to obtain demand-specific information like where the highest surges are at that moment and better prepare yourself for upcoming event opportunities while receiving traffic alerts in real time.

How to Start Using Gridwise

Make sure to download the free app from either google play (for android users) or the ios app store (for apple users).


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