How To Become A Gopuff Delivery Driver


Looking to be a GoPuff driver? If you are tired of waiting in restaurants, or constantly going from one place to another for delivery pickups and drop-offs this might be for you! When you sign up with the app, you “go” to a single location to pick up orders, and then… “puff!”…you deliver the customers’ items to their doors.

Does that sound appealing? We think it is. Once you read this post, you’ll have everything you need to know to become a Gopuff delivery driver. Here’s what we’ll include:

  • What is Gopuff delivery?
  • Why drivers like to work for Gopuff
  • Gopuff delivery driver requirements
  • How to apply and onboard as a Gopuff driver
  • Is Gopuff right for you?

Let’s get started.

What is Gopuff delivery?

When people want items such as snacks, ice cream, alcohol, tobacco and vape products, hydration drinks, and sweets, they go to their Gopuff app to order them. Health items, such as over-the-counter medications and assorted things that make bodies feel better, are also available, and there’s even a selection of healthier snacks and ice cream products.

With Gopuff delivery, customers know they’re going to get the brands they want and that the goodies will be delivered fast. Delivery fees for customers start at $3.95, and an additional $3.95 is added for regulated products such as alcohol, tobacco, and vape items. That’s really not bad, especially when customers are tired and/or reluctant to go outside due to bad weather, or just because they’re binging on a series or watching a game they don’t want to be torn away from.

Customers love Gopuff because of the convenience and the reasonable delivery fees. That’s evident from the fact that there were approximately 2.1 million Gopuff customers by the end of 2021, according to Business of Apps. The company has grown astronomically from its humble beginnings in 2013, when it mainly delivered hookah products to college students (now you know how they got that name!). 

They have since dropped the hookah deliveries but have doubled down by expanding their product lines. A capital infusion of more than $1 billion, according to Techcrunch, has allowed Gopuff to expand in the last year or so. In addition to their “dark stores,” which are localized distribution centers, they have recently added Gopuff kitchens, which allow customers to have prepared food delivered by Gopuff drivers.

Why drivers like to work for Gopuff

In addition to eliminating the wait at a different restaurant or store, Gopuff gives drivers a lot of reasons to love driving for the company. Here are a few”

  • Guaranteed minimum income. Gopuff drivers get a commission on every order they deliver. If the total doesn’t add up to the minimum set by Gopuff, the company adds to the Gopuff driver pay to make up the difference. 
  • No tip sharing. Drivers get to keep 100% of their tips, which can be an essential part of Gopuff driver pay.
  • No unruly passengers. As with all delivery apps, you don’t have to let anyone else into your vehicle.
  • Orders are easy to pick up. Unless you really like to run up and down the aisles of an unfamiliar grocery or convenience store, you’ll love the way Gopuff has things arranged so that you can pick up deliveries at your local distribution center. Warehouse employees select and bag the items for drivers in most cases.
  • Drive on your own time. You choose your own schedule and don’t have to edge out other drivers to compete for prime delivery blocks. You can choose to work hourly shifts, or work on demand. If you work a shift, you hang out at the distribution center to wait for orders. If you’re working on demand, you wait for orders to come in, and then go to the warehouse to pick them up.

Gopuff delivery driver requirements

If you’re interested in being a Gopuff driver, it’s important to know the requirements. You must

  • be at least 21 years of age or older
  • hold a valid driver’s license
  • have a vehicle with insurance in your name
  • have a smartphone with the latest software so you can run the Godrive app
  • pass a driver and criminal background check

How to apply and onboard as a Gopuff driver

Are you in? Submit your application to Gopuff online or through the Gopuff driver app. The screenshots below show you what it looks like. Enter your zip code, and Gopuff will let you know if there is delivery work available in your area. From there, enter your personal information, and your application will be complete.

Gopuf driver sign up on the app ro become a gopuff driver

Source: Gopuff driver app

The background check occurs once you give Gopuff the permission to conduct it. It usually takes at least 3–4 days for a background check to clear, but it could be slightly longer. If everything goes well, you’ll be accepted and ready to begin the onboarding process.

Onboarding is rather straightforward. You’ll need to download another app, When I Work, which will permit you to create schedules. This is separate from the Godrive app that you use when you’re actually delivering for Gopuff. You will also have to pass a quiz to show that you know how to use When I Work. 

This video from Your Driver Mike details the onboarding process. He also gives a general description of how you would go about working for Gopuff and what the app looks like once you begin earning. 

Is Gopuff right for you?

Maybe you’re ready for something new, or perhaps you’re just starting out as a gig driver. In either case, Gopuff could be a nice gig either to add to your current array of driving apps or to begin with. Most drivers report that the company treats them fairly. There is also a lot of flexibility. Gopuff emphasizes to its customers that they operate 24/7/365, so if you need a gig you can fit in during odd hours, Gopuff is there for you.

Gridwise data show that the average Gopuff driver earns around $14.40 per hour and $1.30 per mile. This is rather good, but there are ways you can earn—and save—even more.

Using a driver’s assistant, namely Gridwise, will help make your Gopuff gig go more smoothly and boost your earnings. Track your mileage, sync Gopuff with Gridwise to get earnings reports, and keep up with traffic, weather, and events information. Reap the advantages of participating in insurance and health service plans through Gridwise Benefits, as well as amazing discounts and deals designed specifically to serve drivers.

The downside of Gopuff might come in when you discover that it doesn’t operate near where you live. At least the application process begins by asking for your zip code. This way you can immediately discover whether Gopuff is available in your area, and you won’t get your hopes up unnecessarily. Because Gopuff is in an expansion phase, though, you might be surprised just how wide their reach is.

As with all driving apps, drivers have different views of Gopuff. Some drivers say that it doesn’t pay off. Others don’t like dealing with the formalities of delivering alcohol and tobacco products. However, many also seem to think it’s rather easy to work with and can help them make money.

This YouTube video from Cars and Cribs follows a new driver and his partner going for their first Gopuff order. It offers a lot of insight into what it’s actually like to work for Gopuff and contrasts it with working for DoorDash. 

Now that you know how to become a Gopuff delivery driver, all that’s left is to apply, and be sure you download Gridwise to make all your gig driving easy, efficient, and profitable!


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