4 Ways That Pittsburgh Drivers Can Increase Their Earnings

4 Ways That Pittsburgh Drivers Can Increase Their Earnings


According to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a survey of rideshare drivers in 20 cities across the United States found that drivers in Pittsburgh are roughly in the middle of the pack when it comes to how much they earn per trip. So what can you do to start being a more profitable rideshare driver? Whether you’re a casual rideshare driver or consider it your full-time career, below we have 4 ways that drivers in Pittsburgh can increase their earnings.

1. Know the Pittsburgh hotspots

If you want to increase your earnings (which we all do) you’ll have to know the times and locations for the Pittsburgh hotspots. So what exactly is a “hotspot”? Hotspots are geographic areas which experience extremely high passenger demand at certain times of the week. Below are some of the top Pittsburgh hotspots that rideshare drivers should become familiar with.


Take one look at East Carson Street on a Friday or Saturday night and you’ll understand why Southside is definitely a Pittsburgh hotspot. With 3 major colleges all within close proximity to the Southside along with the slew of bars and restaurants on East Carson Street, this location is definitely one to become familiar with as a rideshare driver, especially on weekend nights.


The primary riders in this centrally located neighborhood are the college students and young professionals that inhabit the area. In contrast to Southside, however, there’s a greater likelihood of getting ride requests during the week from commuters.

North Shore

Located in downtown Pittsburgh along the Allegheny and Ohio Rivers, the North Shore is most famous for its iconic sports venues: Heinz Field and PNC Park. This hotspot is a must for rideshare drivers who want to take advantage of potential surge pricing after Steelers games at Heinz Field and Pirates games at PNC Park.

2. Drive for more than one TNC

If you’re currently driving for one TNC and enjoy the income, you may want to consider how driving for a second company can increase your earnings. Driving for two different services at the same time opens you up to getting more requests and diversifies your income stream. Ultimately, this will lead to more money in your pocket. TNCs in the Pittsburgh area include Uber, Lyft, zTrip, and Cabby Go.

Another way that working for more than one TNC can help drivers in Pittsburgh increase their earnings is through the sign-up bonuses that different companies offer. According to Rideshare Connection, the current sign-up bonuses for drivers in Pittsburgh are $300 for Uber and $100 for Lyft. While Lyft publishes sign-up bonuses on their website, Uber does not. Blogs and websites like Rideshare Connection use feedback from readers and partners to create their list of offers, but you can always contact the TNC directly to verify the current bonus offer for the Pittsburgh area.

3. Always plan ahead

When it comes to rideshare driving amongst all of the one-way streets and hundreds of bridges that make up the City of Pittsburgh, planning ahead is necessary to use your time most efficiently and increase your earning potential.

Even though rush hour downtown and late weekend nights in the South Side may seem like the best places to be in order to take advantage of the surge, driving during these busy times without a plan will get you nowhere fast. In fact, experienced rideshare drivers often recommend to avoid chasing the surge. While it may seem tempting, many veterans say it rarely pays off. Aimlessly chasing the surge is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of gas along with the addition of wear and tear to your vehicle.

A better course of action is to plan your days ahead of time so you can be in the hotspot areas just before the surge begins. Driving efficiently during these peak times is a great way for drivers in Pittsburgh to increase their earnings because they are able to take advantage of surge pricing.

4. Use the Gridwise app to drive more efficiently

Gridwise is a service-agnostic platform created to increase rideshare drivers’ performance, thus resulting in increased earnings. No matter which rideshare service you drive for, the Gridwise app provides you with features that enable you to drive more efficiently.

For example, the Gridwise mobile app offers a Airport Demand Data feature that can be used to gauge driver demand at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

Additionally, the Gridwise app provides a 7-day outlook on events and end time updates from the major events. You’ll be updated if the Steelers head into overtime and you’ll know exactly when the Katy Perry concert ends at PPG Arena. This way you won’t have to waste time waiting outside these venues, estimating when events will end.

Don’t just take our word for it, though – download the Gridwise app now to see all the features and resources you’ll have available right at your fingertips!


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