Taking Advantage of Gridwise Real-Time Alerts

Taking Advantage of Gridwise Real-Time Alerts


As a key innovation of Gridwise, real-time alerts give you the power to make the right decisions as a driver.

Often when you’re driving, you may be totally unaware of what’s happening in the surrounding area. It’s not your fault; your focus is on getting your passenger from point A to point B in a timely manner. It takes time out of your driving schedule to plan ahead and prepare. In addition, sometimes you simply cannot be prepared for something that happens in your area during a drive. That unknown factor in your driving route or plan could spontaneously change your day and completely waste your time/money.

How Does Gridwise Help?

Using the Gridwise real-time alert feature, a driver can receive notices about Pittsburgh area road closures, airport demand and event traffic conditions on the go. After just a few notifications, the value of the alerts feature speaks for itself. In one centralized app location, you’ll receive the information you need to coordinate your driving schedule and avoid wasted time. To understand the advantages of this feature, let’s take a look at some of its uses and how they apply to drivers on the road:

Airport Demand

Gridwise has you covered when it comes to driving at the airport. You can use the app’s airport demand feature on its own to track airport traffic in real time. This feature gives you information about how many passengers will be arriving at any given time. The information on departure and arrival peaks is super helpful because it keeps the guesswork out of how much time you should dedicate to driving.

With real-time alerts, you learn about changes to flight schedules at Pittsburgh International as they come. Rather than having to keep tabs on individual airlines and flights, Gridwise becomes your one-stop shop for airport-specific information. The app gives you an indicator if any major changes occur with rider demand. With this information, you won’t waste a trip to the airport chasing down fares only to find out flights are delayed. In the same vein, when delays and changes cause driver supply to be too low, Gridwise sends you an alert letting you know where the money making opportunities lie.


Driving for Pittsburgh events can be hectic, stressful and at times painfully slow. Congestion on the North Shore is heavily gameday dependent, changing from free-flowing to stop-and-go as early as 2 hours before the Steelers kickoff and as late as 2 hours after the final buzzer. For downtown events, the roads become backed up during the week from commuters and event goers alike. You could potentially make a lot of money from surge pricing, but what if you could avoid wasting time in the congestion?

Real-time alerts come in handy for coordinating around event driving. Rideshare drivers who specialize in going to and from local Pittsburgh events may know the congestion patterns pretty well through experience. However, if a game is going into overtime or is experiencing weather delays, Gridwise lets you know as it’s happening. This gives you the freedom to fit in an extra ride or 2 before you make your way to the event destination. When something lets out ahead of time, you’ll know when to rush over to the event for the surge pricing.

Road Conditions

Pittsburgh weather is at times unpredictable. Regardless of what the weather report says earlier in the morning when you first check, the weather can change dramatically as the day goes by. It can be beautiful and sunny one hour, change over to gloomy and cold for 30 minutes, come back to being nice for a moment and revert back to an ugly storm for the rest of the evening. As a Pittsburgh driver, your whole plan for the day could be disrupted by a flash flood or snow on the streets.

That’s where Gridwise offers an advantage. In order to prevent unproductive driving and to keep rideshare drivers safe, Gridwise sends you a notice telling you where and when the weather has impacted road conditions. You can know to tread carefully along these streets, or simply avoid them if your travel routes allow it.


As a rideshare driver in Pittsburgh, you know what it means to sit in traffic for too long. Even if you know the general traffic patterns (i.e. heavy traffic on the Liberty Bridge during the morning rush or I-376 backing up before the Squirrel Hill Tunnel during evening rush hour), an accident can change everything. You end up with your time sucked up in traffic for much too long, where a simple change in route could have helped you avoid the congestion altogether. Gridwise alerts you when an accident has occurred on major roads, giving you the chance to plan an alternate route ahead of time. You could spend considerably less time stuck in traffic, and way more time making drives to earn more money.

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