8 Rideshare Services Drivers Should Know About


Friends and family might say you’re an Uber driver, but they probably don’t know you can do the same thing for other companies that work just like Uber. There’s a whole array of rideshare services looking for drivers like you. Each one has something different to offer, and as a driver, it’s important to be aware of all the options you have with regard to rideshare gigs.

This post is designed to clue you in to all the facts surrounding the companies you already know and to expose you to some other services that can make you more money. How many ride sharing companies are there, and why would you have a list of ride sharing companies? 

You might be happy sticking with one of the bigger rideshare companies, but Gridwise figures show that drivers who make the most money drive for more than one app. In fact, [TK]% of drivers refuse to restrict themselves to just one service.There are a whole lot of rideshare driving options out there, and you can multi-app to make the most of them. Also, the ridesharing services you already work for might have opportunities you can use to expand your earning power.

Let’s see what’s out there for you.


By far the most popular rideshare service, Uber, has additional options that help drivers keep cash rolling in. There are different kinds of rides you can provide, including UberX, UberX Share, and Uber Comfort.  On top of that, Uber drivers can deliver for Uber Eats, hit the grocery aisles for Shop & Pay, or deliver packages for Uber Connect. Learn more about driving and delivering for Uber on their website, and what it’s like to drive and deliver for Uber in these Gridwise blog posts:

What riders love: Convenience and popularity create consistent earnings, while the Uber Eats options add diversity and added opportunities.

What drivers love: The ability to switch from rideshare to delivery in one app.

Cities/states available: Just about everywhere! From Little Rock to Roswell, Uber has drivers at the ready. See Uber’s website for the full listing.


This popular ride-sharing service sticks to what it knows best. While Lyft has experimented with both package and food delivery services, at present Lyft drivers focus on rideshare driving only. This has its good points. For example, Lyft drivers never have to worry about being interrupted by an unwanted request to deliver two hamburgers to a college dorm!

What riders love: Lyft is known for its customer-friendly culture and puts a high premium on rider safety.

What drivers love: Sophistication and performance of the Lyft app, plus popularity that keeps drivers working on the regular.

Cities/states available: Lyft currently operates in 321 cities across the US and Canada. See the entire list of cities on the Lyft website.

Learn more about what it’s like to drive for Lyft in these Gridwise blog posts:

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Is this a new rideshare company that flies? Well, not exactly, but close enough. Wingz was founded in 2011, so it’s not new, but it started out by specializing in airport rides. The company has branched out since then, offering customers prearranged rides to doctor’s appointments, business meetings, concerts, games, and other big events. Wingz is great for drivers who want to know exactly when and where they need to be to serve their riders.

What riders love: The stress-easing convenience of booking far in advance and getting a flat-rate ride that is dedicated to taking them where they want to go.


What drivers love: Safety and familiarity, and knowing where customers are going before they take the trip. Wingz customers often repeat their requests also, so drivers get to know them and can stop worrying about picking up strangers.

Cities/states available: Wingz is available in several major US cities, mainly in the West. Check out the Wingz website to see the entire list.


Ziro prides itself on advanced technology that improves the customer and driver experience. They deliberately discount the prices of their rides and collect only $1 per ride. That means drivers get to keep the rest. Also, customers are catered to with extra choices and perks such as customized entertainment options.

What riders love: Low fares, the ability to choose their drivers, and the backseat tablet that lets them take charge of the deejaying duties.

What drivers love: Working for a company that doesn’t take huge chunks out of their earnings and genuinely high-tech software that makes Ziro one of the most advanced rideshare platforms.

Cities/states available: So far Ziro’s operations are focused on the San Francisco Bay Area. There are plenty of cities in that sector being served, though. See all available locations in the Ziro service area on their website.


If you want to help reduce traffic congestion in overcrowded urban centers, driving for Via gives you your chance. Via is built around the idea of combining rides by picking up various passengers who are going in the same direction. Passengers wait on a corner near their location, and the Via driver picks them up much like a bus would. They are then  dropped off as close as possible to their destinations. Via is a big-city app, but many municipalities use Via’s transportation logistics software to improve the logistics of their public transportation services.

What riders love: The big dividend of sharing rides with other passengers: lower fares.

What drivers love: Ecologically sound, solution-based business model that delivers every driver’s favorite thing: higher earnings. This article from Gigworker.com confirms that via drivers earn 35%–43% more than Uber and Lyft drivers in the New York City market.

Cities/states available: As a big-city app, Via is available in just a few locations, such as New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. The full list of cities where Via is offered can be seen on the company’s website.


There really are still regular taxi cabs in many major cities, and the Curb app helps conventional taxi companies compete with “rideshare USA.” Potential passengers download the app and “hail” a cab right on their mobile devices. The fares are the same as any taxi ride and not subject to surge pricing the way rideshare trips are.

What riders love: Convenience of hailing a real taxi with a professional driver but without standing out on the corner in wind, rain, or searing heat, plus the ability to schedule rides in advance.

What drivers love: The ability for taxi drivers to stay relevant in a world where rideshare is establishing ever-increasing dominance of the market.

Cities/state available: As you might expect, Curb availability is restricted to larger cities where taxis are common. The full list of cities can be seen on the Curb website.


Affordable rides, plus accommodations for wheelchair accessibility, and a safety-first policy that ensures all cabbies are trained and approved to work with Arro make this app a NYC favorite. The Arro app features real-time information on driver location, so riders aren’t left waiting at the curb, hoping their cab will come any minute.

What riders love: The ability to put all their information into the app, eliminating the need to deal with the transaction in the cab, and the ability to use Arro’s app to pay even if they hailed their cabs with their own mighty hands.

What drivers love: Keeps the cabbies busy and allows them to be of service to people who have mobility challenges other cabs can’t accommodate. Are you a NYC taxi driver? Learn how to hook up with Arro on their website.

Cities/state available: Arro is an option in big cities such as Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, New York City, and San Francisco.


Conceived by a veteran NYC cabbie with a huge heart, Myle’s mission is to go just that much further to please customers. Hence, the name (pronounced “mile”). The company’s founder drove medical personnel to work when the subways were shut down during the pandemic. He then developed Myle to provide concierge services, public and micro-transit services, and medical transportation for 10% less than other rideshare companies. 

What riders love: Finally finding a rideshare company that cares about them and their needs, at rates that are cheaper than other companies.

What drivers love: The ability to have steady work with high earnings and to perform meaningful acts of kindness for people who have special needs.

Cities/states available: New York City only. Learn more about Myle from this article on engadget.com

Make more money with multi-apping

If you wonder why we went to the trouble to list out all these rideshare services, here’s a clue. Multi-apping is the practice of working for more than one rideshare app. Because independent contractors like you are not bound to any one company, you don’t need to be confined to just one. That’s why we want you to know about all these great apps.

Multi-apping is a fairly easy way to multiply your chances for making money at all hours of the day. You can work Uber or Lyft at night, for instance, when people are out and about on the town, then switch to a gig such as Wingz or Myle when things are a bit more sedate. This increases your flexibility and means you can maneuver your driving gig to support you more fully than you might have thought possible.

Read this Gridwise blog post on multi-apping to see how you can benefit by mixing up your gig driving routine.

Make Gridwise your gig driving assistant

If the thought of using multiple rideshare services makes your head spin, don’t worry. Help is here for you! The Gridwise app is the #1 assistant for rideshare and delivery drivers and is a perfect fit for those who multi-app. Simply sync the Gridwise app with your various delivery and rideshare services, and it will track your earnings and keep an account of all the mileage you clock while you’re on the job.

Gridwise puts all the data together so you can see which app is making you the most money, and also gives you ways to record your expenses. You can generate reports and graphs that give you a full picture of your gig driving business.

With your income and expenses all in one place, it’s easy to track your progress and streamline all your recordkeeping, making tax preparation a breeze. But that’s not all Gridwise has to offer. Check out these additional indispensable features:

Where to Drive and When to Drive: insight from real driver data that tells you where and when you can find the most beneficial business in your location

Gridwise Benefits: everything from affordable insurance, medical, dental, vision, and mental health care to discounts on car maintenance and legal and tax help

Gridwise Gas: discounts on gas that ensure you never pay full price to fill your tank again!

No matter which or how many rideshare services you choose to add to your driving gig, Gridwise will make your life easier and help you make more money.

Download the Gridwise app today!


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