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A New Way to Boost Rideshare Earnings: Gridwise Events [UPDATED]


As summer travel and events heat up, more drivers are getting back on the road … so we thought it was time for an upgrade to how you can earn with Gridwise.

The Gridwise Events tab in the mobile app is getting a redesign to help gig drivers earn more. Read on to find out what the new design means for drivers. 

One big change: More events for rideshare drivers

Drivers use Gridwise to help them find Uber and Lyft hotspots when they’re on the road. Now, the mobile app makes it even easier to find high-demand areas with more events to choose from. 

Drivers who live outside major cities can finally take advantage of Uber and Lyft hot spots without trekking into the city. This is thanks to broader location coverage that identifies the closest events in your area, not just in your nearest major city. 

The new look

The sleek redesign puts all the notable music, art, sports, and cultural events happening near you in one place – and lets you know how far you are from the venue and how much the event is expected to increase demand. 

The page also includes a snapshot of relevant holidays and weather updates that might affect traffic or event attendance. 

Easily filter and save the events that you want to track right in the Gridwise app. 

Tips for Uber and Lyft drivers

  • The updated Gridwise Events tab lets you see, all in one place, the hot events happening near you so you can plan your driving route and schedule around peak earning hours. 
  • Stress less with automatic reminders that notify you when to get on the road to earn on event days.
  • Stop relying on unpredictable hot spots; Gridwise uses real-time driver data to notify you exactly what events will drive up demand and when. 

Don’t miss another high-earning event!

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