Aryv: A New Gig For Rideshare Drivers


As a rideshare driver you sometimes yearn for a break from freeways and rush hour clutter. You ponder taking a weekend night off from carting around barhopping groups of young people or navigating the pickup line at a concert or sporting event. Maybe you just want a complete change of scenery. 

Sound familiar? Then Aryv might be your ticket. 

Aryv (pronounced uh·rive), founded in 2015, specializes in NEMT (nonemergency medical transport), taking people to and from doctor’s appointments, the hospital, chemotherapy, dialysis, or other medical appointments. Payment for the rides is typically covered by Medicare or the patient’s insurance carrier. The rides are often an enjoyable change of pace for both driver and passenger. Drivers like the rides because of the reward of doing something nice for someone. They often find that just being there and listening is important to people who are experiencing a medical challenge. 

Patients are grateful because the rides are shorter than if they were to take public transportation. They are often far easier, too. Buses can be challenging if you are not physically 100%. 

Driving for Aryv requires that you sign up through their website. Drivers are also required to be CPR-certified and have basic first-aid training, although most Aryv passengers are able to get around and not likely to have medical emergencies.

Read on as we address topics about Aryv and NEMT driving, including

A look at how Aryv works

Aryv works with Medicare, Medicaid, medical insurance companies and facilities, all of which have patients needing transportation to medical-related appointments. By nature, these appointments are planned well in advance, allowing transportation scheduling in advance, too. 

As a driver, you inform Aryv of the schedule you want to drive. Aryv can then preassemble a batch of rides for that period. When it is time to drive, log on to the app and see your day. For a closer look at the Aryv app, see their video on YouTube

Are passengers at risk for medical emergencies?

The patients handled by Aryv are typically at low risk for medical emergencies. Rideshare drivers with any experience have no doubt driven a patient to kidney dialysis or physical therapy or some other regular appointment. These are similar rides. 

Drivers occasionally have to help someone get into the car or get out, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Also remember that Aryv requires drivers to have CPR and first aid training as an emergency precaution. 

Aryv also has a US-based team of dispatchers to help drivers, should a difficulty or question arise. The most oft-encountered problems are passengers who are not at their pick-up point or when there is a discrepancy between the destination on the app and where the passenger believes they are heading. 

How do I sign up for Aryv?

The process is similar to becoming a rideshare driver. Log on to the Aryv website and follow the steps. The entire certification process can take up to 7 days. 

Like other rideshare gigs, drivers are responsible for providing their own car, gas, and maintenance. Aryv asks drivers to have a four-door sedan or SUV, a requirement for all rideshare gigs. 

The most significant barrier to participation is that Aryv operates in only 80 cities across 10 states: Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Texas, and Wisconsin. Aryv has attracted some venture capital money, so look for them to expand operations. 

A look at Aryv earnings

Aryv pays their drivers a per-mile rate when they have a passenger in the car and a fee for each completed ride. Aryv’s website cites the national average of $29 an hour for contract drivers. 

Aryv also knows that drivers like timely access to their earnings, which is why they make their funds available to drivers twice a week.  

If you want to check out Aryv for driver satisfaction, you can look at reviews on their Facebook site.

Whether you’re driving for Aryv or considering driving for Aryv, make sure you track your Aryv earnings and mileage with Gridwise!

Why consider Aryv over traditional rideshare driving?


When Aryv drivers log on, they find the day planned out for them. Medical appointments are typically scheduled well in advance, so Aryv knows when the rides are needed. When a driver gets in the car, they know their schedule, where they will be going, and when they will be there. They also know when they can schedule a break or meal.

Better Hours

Making an appreciable amount of money as a rideshare driver can involve involves tough hours. Drivers work late nights shuttling people from concerts and special events, then move on to the bar crowds; and if the driver knows the after-hour places, it can be even later. Aryv trips are almost always during daylight hours, although you might occasionally have an early morning pick-up. 


Rideshare driver attacks are infrequent, but they are well-publicized, as Gridwise as reported in the past. Driving for Aryv, however, ensures a different type of passenger, one less likely to cause you problems. Aryv and the whole NEMT category of driving is much safer. 

Aryv drivers can take advantage of perks from Gridwise

As a gig driver, Gridwise benefits are also extended to NEMT drivers. This includes access to Gridwise’s free mileage tracker app, widely regarded as the best mileage tracker app for gig drivers. You also get access to the Gridwise Gas discount, which gives you as much as $50 off per month.  

Are you looking for a change of pace as a rideshare driver? Check out Aryv. They may be coming to a city near you soon. 

Start driving with Aryv!


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