DoorDash support for drivers

DoorDash support for drivers: how to get help in a flash


There’s not a lot of room in the busy lives of Dashers for long waits on the phone or between email responses. When Dashers need to reach customer support, it’s important to be able to quickly get help, solve the problem, and get back to Dashing.

We constructed this blog post to help Dashers navigate the sometimes stormy seas of DoorDash driver support, and offer suggestions for how to get what they need, when they need it.

We’ll cover these four DoorDash customer support issues, to help DoorDash drivers problem-solve when issues arise:

  • Why Dashers might need attention
  • How to contact DoorDash customer service: the lay of the land
  • Why you should ask for support when you need it
  • Doing better: suggestions for Doordash and Dashers

Why Dashers might need attention

When things go right for Dashers, delivering for DoorDash is a dream. Get the ping, pick up the food, and deliver it with a smile. Most often, you get a nice tip. The process is relatively simple, but sometimes, things can go wrong. Dashers need fast responses and easy resolutions to their problems. Here are six reasons why Dashers might need to contact DoorDash customer support:

  • “How to” questions: Dashers might have questions about how to work with the app, use the red card, or other basic issues.
  • App issues: The Dasher app is pretty slick, but there are occasional glitches. You might need help smoothing them out.
  • Getting around: If you don’t like the Dasher app nav, you are free to set it up to work with your favorite navigation app. You can choose in your settings from Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze. These apps are all reliable, but sometimes they can’t even find the right destination. You might need help confirming locations or getting directions.
  • Money problems: If you think you got a raw deal on a delivery, or something just doesn’t seem right with your earnings, you’ll want to get straight answers, fast.
  • Telling your side of the story: Customer complaints can cause you big problems. You might lose money, or even your right to use the Dasher app. DoorDash is likely to inform you of this through the app; keep your eyes peeled for any incoming messages. Keep in mind that customers don’t usually ask DoorDash to contact drivers with positive feedback. Messages from support need your attention, so don’t delay getting your version of the situation on the record.
  • Fender benders, traffic stops, and other incidents: When things go wrong, DoorDash driver support will usually be the first call drivers make.  If there are injuries, 911 should be the very first call that’s made, of course. Once that’s taken care of, then it’s crucial to let DoorDash driver support know there’s a problem. In the event of an accident, you’ll want to log a report with DoorDash driver support. This helps ensure that you will get proper insurance coverage. It will also help inform the customer that their delivery is delayed. 

How to contact DoorDash customer service: the lay of the land

Dasher help is easy to find; it’s in the app! From just about any screen in the app, tap the three vertical dots on the top right part of your screen. You’ll see two prompts pop up at the bottom of the page.

Then, tap “Dasher Help” (pictured above) to get started. Once you do that, you’ll see this screen:

Select the appropriate topic from the drop-down menu. If your issues concern anything other than an Emergency or “Something Else,” you’ll be sent to articles that tell you what to do. If you indicate that you have an emergency, you will be taken to the screen on the left, (pictured below). If your topic is “Something Else,” you’ll be taken to that page. This will allow you to chat with a support agent.

In certain circumstances, it might be more expedient to talk on the phone with a support agent. If you want to call support directly, use this number: 855-431-0459. Keep in mind that there’s no guarantee your help will come faster by using this method. Also, for many issues, it’s preferable to report the incident in writing, via chat or the form that lets you file a support case.

To find the support case filing form, navigate to the “Something Else” page (pictured above) and then click “File a support case”. This allows you to create a written record of your DoorDash driver customer support request right through the app. The form looks like this:

Finally, if you would rather use a web interface, you can get Dasher support here. This method should be used for non-urgent issues as indicated on the website, and not in cases where there is an accident or other emergency. In those instances, it’s best to contact support directly either through your app or by phone.

Why you should ask for support when you need it

When you get delayed in traffic, or have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for an order to be filled, you’re not the only one who will be frustrated. If you get accused, even wrongly, of delaying or skipping a delivery, your customer ratings will plummet; so will your chances of being a long-term driver for DoorDash. The company puts it this way:

“There are minimum Consumer Ratings and Completion Rates required to remain active on the DoorDash platform. Dashers with a Consumer Rating below 4.2 or a Completion Rate below 80% may be subject to deactivation once they have accepted at least 20 orders.”

You can read this for yourself, and see other reasons a Dasher can lose access to the DoorDash app here.

If your ability to accept or complete orders is impaired by the app malfunctioning, you will want to report it to DoorDash driver support immediately. If you don’t, it will automatically be assumed that you were at fault. As a result, since the rating system only goes up to 5 stars, it won’t take long to get down to 4.2, or a completion rate of 80%.

It’s also crucial to report restaurant workers or customers who wrongfully criticize you or give you low ratings. In such instances, you’ll want to report any potentially problematic customer comments or low ratings. There’s a lot at stake. You could be accused of stealing, not delivering the order, rudeness, or other problematic behaviors. 

Unfortunately, sometimes customers will invent scenarios in order to get free deliveries or perks from DoorDash. Always be polite, and if you run into a situation such as this, get DoorDash on your side before the customer can pull the wool over their eyes. If you don’t, you could lose your ability to be a Dasher. Does the prospect of losing money help you see why it’s important to keep DoorDash driver customer support on your side? We thought so.

Doing better: suggestions for DoorDash driver support and Dashers

Some of DoorDash support’s strengths include easy access through the app, generous chat access (more than many other platforms) and the direct customer service number given above. 

The support user interface is clear and easy to navigate. However, when a driver is on the road, reading articles and chatting with a representative isn’t practical. To be safe, Dashers have to pull over in order to type or eyeball a help article.

Better and direct access by phone would be a big improvement. While contact via phone isn’t the best way to document incidents, it is often the fastest way to get help. 

It would also be beneficial if DoorDash provided in-person help through brick and mortar facilities. Getting DoorDash Driver support from a living human being would be substantially more costly but hugely helpful.

How could Dashers improve? Drivers should become familiar with the app before they start delivering. There are tutorials not only in the Dasher app, but also on the website and other video platforms such as YouTube. 

The driver community offers plenty of advice and direction on how to be a Dasher. Learning how it’s done before going out there would make the work of the people at DoorDash customer support much easier.

Finally, don’t take out your own frustration on the people who try to help you. Take a deep breath before you type or say something you’ll regret later, and you’ll find that DoorDash driver support will do just that: hold you up, and support you all the way.

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