Increases Gas Discount To Help Rideshare and Delivery Drivers

Gridwise Increases Gas Discount To Help Rideshare and Delivery Drivers


Gridwise is increasing its Gridwise Gas discount from 10 cents up to 50 cents a gallon.  

Why? Because we’ve heard that some of the joy is missing from gig driving.

Gig drivers know what we’re talking about. In what other job can you meet so many people in one night? What other job takes you to places you’ve never been before or even knew existed? 

For rideshare drivers, there is the satisfaction of knowing you’ve delivered passengers, including essential workers, safely to their destinations, especially at night. For delivery drivers, it is the knowledge that you’re making life more bearable for those exhausted from a long day of work or still concerned about leaving the house during the pandemic. 

There is also the ongoing challenge of honing your strategy to maximize earnings. Admit it. You get a charge when it works. 

But high gas prices cut into this euphoria. We all know that rideshare driver gas reimbursement is a myth. Drivers are on their own for fuel costs. The same is true for delivery driver gas reimbursement. 

Here are the points we cover in this blog post:

Gas rewards for rideshare and delivery drivers

Gas discounts couldn’t come at a better time. Higher gas prices might be with us for a while. This is the verdict, and many point to the Russian–Ukraine war as the primary cause. Much of the world, including the US, is boycotting Russian oil exports, causing a shortage. In addition, disruption continues to characterize the supply chain. We also face an economy affected by the on-again, off-again pandemic, inflation, and interest rate hikes meant to pump the brakes on that inflation. 

Most of the talking heads on television agree that the Ukrainian conflict will go on for some time, along with the other factors. High gas prices are with us for a while. According to the AAA website, as of May 26, 2022, Americans were paying an average of $4.60 per gallon. In California, where San Francisco and Los Angeles are the hottest markets, drivers are paying $6.07 a gallon, according to AAA. New York is $4.93 a gallon. 

Lyft and Uber driver pay has been affected. The same is true for DoorDash driver pay and the other services. 

“Before they spiked, fuel prices ate into about 20% of my earrings,” said one full-time rideshare driver who admitted that he did not take full advantage of Gridwise or other discounts. “Now that number is approaching 40%. I’m not sure how much longer this way of earning a living will make sense.”

Gridwise helps ease the burden

The ethos of Gridwise is all about empowering rideshare and delivery drivers and providing the tools to make them profitable. That’s why Gridwise, with support from companies like ACOP, has changed the gas discount available to Gridwise drivers through the Gridwise Gas program. On top of paying gig workers to take surveys, American Consumers Opinion Panel is helping drivers save money in partnership with Gridwise Gas.

To help drivers save more, the Gridwise Gas discount is increasing. Gridwise users can now save up to 50 cents a gallon on up to 100 gallons a month

The procedure is simple. 

  • Download the Gridwise app
  • Subscribe to Gridwise Plus to receive the guaranteed $0.50 discount 
  • Sign up for the gas card in the “Benefits” section of Gridwise’s “Marketplace” tab
  • Activate your gas card when it arrives 
  • Use it at the gas station as you would a debit card and automatically receive your discount.

Drivers can also maximize their earnings by checking out the Where to Drive and When to Drive features in the Gridwise app. Being in the right place at the right time means less driving around and less gas needed. The Gridwise app informs you of special events and surge times at the airports, and which rideshare services offer better opportunities for earnings. 

You can use the app to better track your mileage, allowing you to maximize your rideshare and delivery driver mileage deduction on your taxes. 

Download Gridwise now to save big on gas

And have fun out there. 


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