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Help for Flex drivers: how to get results from Amazon Flex driver support


If you’re a “pick it up and deliver it” road warrior, you know just how much you want to get your deliveries done and get paid for completing them, as quickly and as effectively as possible. Because of the nature of this job, though, unexpected trouble can arise. For example, app glitches, lost packages and missed scans can mean calling on Amazon Flex driver support to help complete deliveries.

We put together this blog post to take a look at the issues Flex drivers face, and offer the best, fastest ways to get results from Amazon Flex driver support.

Here’s how we lined it up:

  • The problem: why Flex drivers need reliable support
  • Amazon Flex driver support: how it works
  • What can happen when support fails you
  • The potential for improvement: Amazon Flex and drivers

The problem: why Flex drivers need reliable customer service

More so than in most other driving gigs, including rideshare and food delivery, Amazon Flex drivers run into situations that need swift action from responsive support reps. Packages can be damaged or undeliverable, a traffic jam could delay deliveries, and there can be problems with the app, or a customer. 

While it’s comparatively easy to drive for Amazon Flex, it’s also important to maintain a good rating. Whether a driver needs help with an active or completed delivery, the driver’s status with Amazon is at stake.

Amazon prides itself on providing nearly everything a person could desire, and delivering it in a timely manner. Amazon Flex drivers work with scheduled blocks and have a set number of packages to deliver in a given timeframe.

When a problem arises, drivers need to communicate about it to Amazon support. Amazon support can then inform customers of potential delays.

Amazon Flex driver support: how it works

With so much at stake, drivers need to know how Amazon Flex driver support works, and when and how they can make contact in order to get the best results.

How you contact Amazon Flex driver support will depend on the nature of the problem at hand.

There are three ways to contact Amazon Flex driver support:

  1. Email:
  2. In-app phone call: press the “?” and request a call back. Responses normally come within 30 seconds of your call.
  3. Call Amazon driver support directly at either of these numbers: (877) 212-6150 or (888) 281-6901

Now, let’s look at three common issues and the recommended method of contacting support for each one:

You have trouble completing the delivery due to car trouble, dangerous road conditions, personal safety concerns:

  • Call through the app. If you don’t call in to report your potential lateness, you will be held accountable. Your call to support will be recorded and time stamped, so you can prove that you tried your very best to provide notice.

You have app problems such as a crash, nonresponsiveness, failure to record a completed delivery, or the GPS not working:

  • Call through the app if possible, or call on the toll-free lines. Notify Amazon of these problems, particularly if they interfere with a delivery, but also if they are causing system-wide issues.

If you need navigation services, the rep on the other end of the call will be able to direct you to your destination, as long as the GPS software used to track your position is working. If the app is not functioning at all, you’ll have to use the direct phone lines. The response time may not be as fast, but help will eventually arrive.

You have a question or issue that’s unrelated to a current delivery route –

  • Contact support via email. You may not get an immediate response, but if you continue to send email requests, you’ll eventually get an answer.

Examples of issues that fall into this category are:

  • A report that a delivery was not received by the customer. In this case, you’ll be responding to a notification sent through the Amazon app.
  • Any other kind of customer complaint that might have been received.
  • The need to appeal a deactivation.

What can happen when support fails you

When support fails you, perhaps the biggest problems for drivers would be being accused of not delivering a package, delaying a delivery, or being unable to find the customer’s location.

If you’re unable to dispute a notification that one of the packages you were supposed to deliver didn’t get there, or you can’t get your side of the story across when a customer complains about your service, there could be big trouble.

Here are eight reasons Amazon might strip you of your right to be a Flex driver:

  • “Double dipping” – delivering for another app while on an Amazon Flex block
  • Frequent cancellation of scheduled blocks, especially if 45 minutes or less before the start time
  • Verbal or physical assault on either end of the delivery
  • Interfering with the packages – opening, tampering, and, of course, stealing
  • Delivering under the influence – showing any evidence of being impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Giving up too easily – returning too many packages or failing to return undelivered packages
  • Breaking the law, failing to carry proper insurance, losing your driver’s license, or not renewing your registration
  • Lateness and absences – don’t miss or be late for scheduled blocks, but if you can’t avoid it, be sure to call driver support!

You can always appeal your deactivation, but it would be far better to avoid it in the first place, so follow the rules, and always notify Amazon when you’re going to be late or have a problem.

The potential for improvement: Amazon Flex and drivers

How effective is Amazon Flex driver support? Drivers who call through the app often get almost immediate responses. However, email communication is reported to be slower.

On the driver side, it’s wise to document everything that happens. If you take pictures of your deliveries with the app, and they don’t go through, then take an extra photo with your own camera, or get a screenshot of the app. 

This will give you surefire proof that you delivered the goods. If the item gets stolen after that, or the customer tries to pull a fast one on Amazon, it would be hard for them to hold you responsible.

Since you’re going to be evaluated based on your metrics and given a certain rating, you need to make sure you’re following the rules. This includes contacting driver support any time you’re going to be late with a package, absent or running behind when it comes to starting your block. 

Also, courtesy is something drivers should always carry along. Be kind to the warehouse workers, and be especially respectful of any customers you might encounter. If you treat your Flex gig with respect, you’ll probably get more respect from the people you interact with too.

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