Moves: Banking Designed Exclusively for Gig Workers


Income and expense tracking, investment opportunities, and access to cash advances—these are but a few of the financial opportunities that most gig drivers consider out of reach. After all, banking products understand the life and business challenges of being a successful gig driver. 

That is, until now. 

Moves, a banking and financial app developed specifically for gig drivers, understands and appreciates that you have created a career by identifying the app-based gig driving jobs that, when combined, make you a good income and give you the lifestyle you want. Take a few minutes to learn about Moves. Topics we will cover include

  • What is Moves?
  • What kinds of services does Moves offer?
  • How do I get started with Moves?
  • What gig services does Moves encompass?
  • What are others saying about Moves?
  • Moves and Gridwise: a smart combination for any gig driver.
  • How did Moves originate?

What is Moves?

Moves is an app-based banking product that helps you maximize the return on your gig income streams, provides you with the services you need (including cash advances), and has the potential to give you a say with the gig companies you work for. Moves is best for multi-appers, and is designed for both new drivers who are learning about their job and knowledgeable veteran drivers. Downloading the Moves app gives you access to financial services typically reserved for business owners, with the focus on the unique needs of gig workers.

Moves recognizes that gig drivers are business owners. Better yet, they are gig entrepreneurs in a burgeoning economic sector that many don’t understand. 

What kinds of services does Moves offer?

Moves is more than just a place drivers keep their money. It’s a suite of financial services that help gig drivers gain financial stability by optimizing their incomes, making business-related payments, moving money, and putting that money to its best use. 

Below are just a few of the services offered by Moves. 

Moves Spending Account

Many of the gig companies offer drivers branded debit cards for their earnings, creating the hassle of monitoring the balance on each card. While they offer their own advantages, gig workers often feel like their earnings are spread out in too many places, making it hard to track their total earnings. 

Moves’ Spending Account combines those earnings into one place. Here, you’ll see the latest early deposits, transactions for day-to-day expenses, and where you’re in paying back a handy Moves Cash Advance. The Moves Visa Debit card works at 55,000 fee-free ATMs across the US.    

Earnings Tracking

One of the first things you will do when you download the Moves app is link your gig accounts you work for. As money is deposited into your Moves account, it’s automatically labeled by its source, whether it comes from Lyft and Uber, DoorDash and Grubhub, or Instacart and Shipt, or up to any of twenty different gig companies. 

Income is broken down into earnings, tips, and bonuses–and you’re able to set weekly earnings goals to easily stay on track while on the road. When you look at the app, you see what you’re earning from each gig job and also your total for the week. There’s no juggling from app to app, writing down the individual totals on a scrap of paper, then adding everything up. It’s all there on one screen. 

Real-time notifications when earnings appear in your account

For multi-app drivers, we know that different gig services pay on different days of the week. Moves tracks this and sends you notifications when funds get deposited. 

Up to $2,000 in Cash Advances

Business owners have credit lines to help deal with unexpected expenses and cash crunches. Moves, as well, offers gig drivers cash advances to help you deal with unexpected mechanical failures, new tires, or even a new phone. 

With your first deposit of gig earnings of $100 or more, you’re automatically eligible for a cash advance of $100. As you continue to work with Moves, your cash advance limit can go as high as $2,000 for business-related expenses. This is based on your frequency of gig work and earnings deposits in into your Moves Spending Account in app. Moves members make repayments as weekly earnings arrive in their account. Business cash advances from Moves are fee-based. Forget those exorbitant interest rates. 

Two-day early access to earnings

Companies using gig drivers routinely inform them of their weekly earnings at the conclusion of the pay period, but payments come until several days later and are often delayed depending on the interface between the gig company and your financial institution. The Moves app, however, tracks earnings, and in most cases, those earnings are available two days before they regularly appear in your account.

Added Income from Referrals 

All Moves members have access to additional income streams through Moves via referral bonuses. If you rank among the smart gig drivers, you have your referral link or QR code (found in the app) ready to  recruit new drivers. 

When you refer someone to Moves and they sign up using your link, you earn $10. It adds up. Next time you print business cards, add your Moves referral link and share it with your local community of gig workers.

Earning income verification reports

In the market for a new car? Looking for a new home? Need proof of income to qualify for rent? What about preparing for taxes at the end of the year?

Moves helps you prove that Gig Work is real work. When you’re a Moves Member, you automatically get access to a verified Annual Earnings and Income Report. This gives you quick and easy proof of your gig work income history. 

Stock ownership

Moves believes in helping drivers gain a larger say in how gig companies operate. Whenever you make an eligible purchase with your Moves Spending Account Visa Debit Card, a percentage of that purchase goes towards earning you Stock Rewards. You can redeem Stock Rewards to purchase stocks in the gig companies you work for. Moves drivers control more than 200 shares in companies that use gig drivers. 

The Gig Life

Knowledge is power. Check out the Moves newsletter, The Gig Life, reporting on developments in the gig industry. Some of these are serious, others are lighthearted. All of them are informative. 

How do I get started with Moves?

Click here to download the Moves app and start accelerating your gig work! 

What gig platforms does Moves work with?

Moves accommodates more than 20 app platforms, including


Uber Eats

Amazon Flex










Point Pickup

Favor Delivery

Angi Services







Moves is adding platforms every day, so check back regularly to see who else has joined the Moves family.

What are others saying about Moves?

If you judge entities by the company they keep, then Moves is with a great group. 

FDIC Insurance

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) was created by Congress to oversee banking and guarantee the public’s trust in the financial system. Every account on the Moves platform is insured for up to $250,000. The FDIC also conducts regular and mandatory audits to monitor the soundness of financial insurance. Moves is subject to all FDIC regulations and requirements.

Fast Company

Moves was a finalist in the app category in Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards.

Around the Coin

Around the Coin is a recognized podcast about crypto, fintech, and tech start-ups. Check out Around the Coin’s interview with Moves founder and CEO Matt Spokes.


BetaKit, an online site that reports on Canadian start-ups and tech innovation news, named Moves one of eleven tech companies to watch in 2022

Moves and Gridwise: a smart combination for any gig driver

Gridwise is dedicated to making gig drivers successful, both behind the wheel and when managing their money. That’s why we bring you news about companies like Moves. Gig driving is in its infancy, and more and more companies are developing products to help drivers be more effective. Watch the Gridwise website to learn the latest about businesses serving gig drivers, and the business of gig driving. 

And have fun out there.  

How did Moves originate?

Moves was founded in August 2020 in Toronto by Matt Spoke. As a millennial, Spoke grew up embracing technology and understanding its advantages. He became a CPA and quickly immersed himself in financial services, digital businesses, and the blockchain industry. Spoke is a founding board member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and a founding director of the Blockchain Technology Coalition of Canada. He has consulted with governments on the regulatory implications of new technologies like blockchain on the future world of finance. 

Spoke has also been an avid user of rideshare and food delivery and has appreciated the effects the gig economy, especially gig drivers, has on society. He describes the idea of Moves coming to him after a series of encounters with rideshare drivers and food delivery workers. 

“I was in an Uber, and started talking to the driver about how difficult it was to plan for his family, the rent, and things like that,” said Spoke in a 2021 interview in an Around the Coin podcast. “I stopped food delivery people at my door and said, ‘I’ll give you an extra five dollar tip if you answer a couple of questions for me.’ I like the idea of democratizing access to financial services.” 

Spoke learned there are consequences to being a gig worker that go unaddressed. He saw that gig services, especially food delivery and rideshare, were designed for the customer, without much consideration given to drivers. 

Spoke likens Moves to a credit union, in that credit unions were created to cater to a group of people who make their living similarly. Credit unions have a better understanding of their client base and can offer tailored financial products. Spoke also realized that gig drivers are comfortable with app-based services, and any financial service catering to their needs should ideally be app-based. 

Thus was born Moves. 


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